Semi-Auto Personal Carry

The Semi-Auto Pistol has managed to survive for over 100 years. It has been carried in every conceivable manner with concealed carry topping the most popular of these. Many of our top carry holsters are considered "Barbeque Rigs". Don't let that fool you into thinking they are poor carry options. They are designed 1st and foremost for personal carry.  

Mixed Floral Liberty

British Tan


Mixed Floral

We knew when we saw pictures of this holster that it would be an outstanding addition to our lineup of concealed carry holsters. It orients the firearm in a very nice medium high carry position. The tension screw is placed to pinch on the barrel, a very good spot that does not interfere with the draw or tangle front sights. Like its closely related cousins within the Askins family, the slot behind the mainseam rolls the grips into the body for maximum concealability. The top is low so rear sights are cleared no matter what pistol you choose to carry.



IWB (In Waistband)


British Tan topband on roughout natural leather



We've been making this holster for the better part of 20 years now & it remains a favorite with customers. This one is shown in a high ride FBI cant. We also make it straight up and in a crossdraw configuration. We do the topbands in all of our standard colors on the roughout and also offer it with a lining and a smooth main body and top band.

The topband is gently reinforced so that it won't collapse and our belt loops are custom made to fit the width of belt you wish to use with it. We can also make a matching belt for you if you wish.

We make the muzzle end a bit longer than most makers tend to. The reason is that we like to curl the toe inward so that your body never gets tickled with the cold end of the barrel.

Huntington Leaf Askins

British Tan with dark background


Huntington Leaf

The Askins Avenger holster was developed many decades ago in a collaberation between Charles Askins and John Bianchi. This is our variation on this much-copied holster. It is an ideal concealed carry holster which can be utilized to place the firearm in a variety of medium to high riding positions in both strongside and crossdraw carry positions. The one shown here is in a medium high FBI cant made for a Commander length 1911 with short Commander grips.


Elko Stryker Break


British Tan with dark background

Stryker Break

Elko Rose

As good as the Askins and Liberty styles are, they sometimes don't work for everyone. If those holsters are pinchers or belly biters, this might be a better choice. The belt loop is hidden and presents the pistol with the grips rolled very slightly out from the body. The grips don't hang out far enough to be irritating in close confines but do make the pistol more easy to grasp if you are a hair chunkier than your doctor wishes you to be or if you have difficulty getting at grips that sit close to the body. We have also found it a good holster for some women as the rolling of the grips to the outside helps to keep from drawing into the ribcage.







Double Shuffle Askins Break

Light Mahogany

Askins Break

Double Shuffle Border

Adding a thumb break to the holster designed by Charles Askins makes it a good all round field holster as well as a holster for concealed carry. This one has our classic Double Shuffle Border on it. It is a pattern which has come to be greatly favored by our customers as being elegantly understated.



"Art Gecko" Askins Tension Screw Holster

British Tan with dark background

Askins Tension Screw

Arizona Rose and Gecko

As you might imagine, we had quite a bit of fun with this holster. It was commissioned by a former Arizona resident with two purposes in mind -- to be stunningly beautiful and to serve serious carry purposes. The holster was ordered in a high crossdraw position. Retention is assisted with a tensioning screw. There is an internal re-enforcement of Kydex which stiffens the top for ease of holstering. The tooling may be imaginative, but it is a serious holster well-suited to the purpose of personal carry.

If you can't find the gecko, click on the picture. In the enlarged version, you will see it in the left hand side of the toe.



Double Shuffle Heat Pack



Heat Pack

Double Shuffle Border

Being discreet about carrying a firearm can lead to a certain amount of sneakiness. These cell phone or camera bag-shaped bags were created to safely and discreetly carry a small pistol when no other means of carrying is right. It is particularly useful in the summer when clothing is very light.

The bag can be fitted with a solid tunnel loop for security or can be made with a clip for those days when a belt may not be part of the wardrobe. The clip also allows for the convenience of removing or repositioning the holster for greater comfort when in a vehicle or for those times where one must disarm for entry into courtrooms or other areas where carrying a firearm is considered bad manners at best and illegal at worst.

Pancake Holster

Light Mahogany

Squaretop Pancake

Leaf and Hamley

The pancake is a holster style that has been around for better than 4 decades and remains popularfor a reason. As with the Askins and Liberty style, the slots cup the firearm very close to the body for maximum concealment. This Squaretop style allows for a very, very high ride and a strong forward rake, excellent for concealment.

We would like to thank Roy Huntigton at "American Handgunner" magazine for kindly providing us with this photo.

Maricopa Semi-SOB

Light Mahogany

Chug's Semi-SOB

Maricopa Flower

1-1/2" Straightcut

Maricopa Flower

In past iterations of the website, we referred to this holster as an SOB (Small of Back). We have given it some consideration since then and have decided to refer to it as a Semi-SOB simply because it is much more versatile than an SOB. Technically, it should be worn slightly to one side of the spine to give you a very concealable SOB carry postion. The holster also wears very nicely at the 4:00 o'clock position over the hip pocket. It has a more radical rake than the Askins and Liberty styles which seems to make for an easier draw than those just mentioned. It has a lightly reinforced top with a tension screw adjust for positive retension.

SVerker's Open Improved Field Holster

British Tan with Dark Background

Open Improved Field

Scroll with Narrow Vine Border

Taking the safety strap off our standard Improved Field Holster results in a trim little open carry holster. The benefit is that it can be tailored for lower carry positions than the higher riding Askins, Liberty and so on. The grips roll slightly outward allowing for an easier grasp and less belly pinch than the ones that turn the grips inward.

Please note that while this version is shown with a stitched-through toe, it can be had with an open toe.




Askins Break, Hamley

British Tan with dark background

Askins Break

Hamley with Beehive Border

This classic holster is the thumb break adaptation of the holster developed by Colonel Charles Askins and John Bianchi. There is a closely-fit belt loop behind the pouch. This plus the belt slot provide for a comfortable & secure carry position. The combination also tucks the grips of the pistol into the body for security and concealability. The carry position on this one is a high-ride FBI rake. We can configure it for a lower ride, for straight-up or crossdraw.




Bear Tension Screw Askins

Golden with Dark Background

Askins Tension Screw

Leaf and Scroll Floral & Grizzly Bear

The Askins has become one of our customers' favorites and we hope you enjoy it through this site in its many forms and decorative motifs. This particular one has a bear motif but could as easily have been done with a set of initials or some other animal. It is in a high riding FBI rake and is shown with a 4-1/4' Combat Commander. It is set up with a tensioning screw and has a nicely reinforced top to aid in holstering.




Back Pocket


Back Pocket


This little pocket holster is designed to be carried in the back pocket of a pair of pants or in a suitcoat pocket. It is designed so that it is carried pistol facing toward your backside with the flap facing rearward. This keeps the pistol from printing in the pocket, making it look like a wallet rather than a holster. The flap portion moves so that your hand can get a firm grasp on the grips coming out of the pocket. We make this style for many of the smaller pocket-sized pistols. If you prefer, we can build it roughout for extra "grab" in the pocket.

Doc Tuesday Semi-SOB

British Tan with Dark Background

Chug's Semi- SOB

Doc Tuesday (AKA Elko with a Sunset Border)

This tension screw adjust holster cants the firearm into a fairly radical grips forward rake. We find it is not only perfect for use for in back carry but also makes a great holster for use over the hip pocket. This makes for a bit more versatility than some styles which limit the wearer to in-back carry only.

We show it here with a 4-1/4" Combat Commander. it is, of course available for many other firearms and with any choice of design and color you might desire.






T. Rex


T. Rex (Tensions Screw Rex)

When we replicated the holster which SD Myres made for Colonel Rex Applegate, little did we realize where it would lead us. We found that the original Applegate (see our double action shoulder and chest page) was exceptionally grip and barrel specific. By inverting the holster portion, we discovered that a great number of issues were resolved. What we were left with was a more versatile holster which could be adapted to fit small and medium sized pistols. This one is shown with a Kahr K-9. The firearm is positioned in a shoulder holster placement but with no shoulder harness. The belt loops and paddle below it suspend and support it via the belt. A skeleton surronding the panel allows for a very comfortable and close fit to the body. It is an excellent and discreet concealed carry holster which can be hidden under a light shirt.