1911 FiELD, Shoulder and CONCEALMENT

The pages within this section are dedicated to the 1911 as well as a few other "modern" pistols such as the Browning Highpower, the Colt 1903/1908 and a few others. Some of the holsters presented here are variations of shoulder and chest rigs offered in the "Field and Shoulder Rigs" section. Many are unique to the 1911 and its cousins.
We regret that, at this time, we are limiting our custom services to the 1911 and a few others listed in our "Fittings" section.


Light Mahogany



There are 2 iconic holsters which appeared on the El Paso/Mexican border in the mid 1920's, the Threeperson's made by Sam Myers and the Brill style made by Arnold W Brill. Brill's holsters were often stamped with a very small basketweave. We have departed from that tradition on this holster and have stamped it with our "Hamley" geometric. We have also chosen to do a full lining rather than Brill's usual partial liner.

We can do this holster with Brill's classic basketstamp or with his much rarer carving. It can be had plain or with whatever design you choose. Matching belts and clip pouches can be had as well.



IWB (In Waistband)


British Tan topband on roughout natural leather



We've been making this holster for the better part of 20 years now & it remains a favorite with customers. This one is shown in a high ride FBI cant. We also make it straight up and in a crossdraw configuration. We do the topbands in all of our standard colors on the roughout and also offer it with a lining and a smooth main body and top band.

The topband is gently reinforced so that it won't collapse and our belt loops are custom made to fit the width of belt you wish to use with it. We can also make a matching belt for you if you wish.

We make the muzzle end a bit longer than most makers tend to. The reason is that we like to curl the toe inward so that your body never gets tickled with the cold end of the barrel.

112th Field Holster

Light Mahogany

Harmann Retro Field Holster


This is a reproduction of one of the holsters in Purdy's personal collection. The original was crafted by an exceptionally talented gent named Dick Harmann while stioned with the 112th Cavalry in New Caladonia during World War II. The original was a shouldr holster. We have done it here as a field holster. We extrapolated the belt from the originals elements. There is also a matching pouch. This one was made for the Colt 1903/1908 but can be


Elko 1911


British Tan with dark background

1911 Thumb Break

Elko Rose

This holster is shown "cocked and locked". It can be made to accomodate the pistol with in a hammer down position by request. The belt loop is hidden and presents the pistol with the grips rolled very slightly out from the body. This can be altered to a more grips snug to the body profile by eliminating the narrow band of tooling along the main seam and adding a belt slot as shown on our "Askins" holster.







Flapped 1911

Light Mahogany


Maricopa Flower

When speed is not of the essence and protection is, the flapped holster is among the best for the purpose. Choose your rake and the appropriate ride for your purpose. This one is shown with a Maricopa Floral but any border, floral, geometric or combinations can be adapted.



Borderstamped Wild Bunch Holster

Light Mahogany

Wild Bunch

Tapered 3" Web Belt

Beehive and Double Rams Curl Border

When semi-automatic pistols came on the scene, holsters were simply redesigned or reconfigured to the new shape of these weapons. Many retained the same recurves, profiles and features of standard cowboy holsters. Our Wild Bunch is no exception. It is period correct for the era.


Denver Halfbreed holster



Wild Bunch Halfbreed with scalloped cigar band loop

Denver Floral with Repeating 9's Border

This holster has a slimmer profile than our standard Wild Bunch holster.It has a hidden skirt rather than the Wild Bunch's full one. The loop is also narrower and of a different shape. This particular holster is open toed. As with all f our holsters, the rake, ride and fit to belt can be tailored to your specific requirements.

This holster is also a period correct style for those of you who are considering SASS' Wild Bunch matches or "Zooters"

1911 Field Holster


Retro Field Holster


Retro Basketstamp with Marquis and Celtic Twist border

This is a classicly-styled holster with a slim jim profile. It is shown "hammer down" but can be had for cocked and locked carry. If you prefer an enclosed trigger area, please visit page 2 for our "Improved" 1911 field holster.

We show the holster here with matching belt and a double clip pouch with protective flaps for field carry.


"Chug's Bugs" Bugout Rig

British Tanwith Dark Background

Bugout Chest Rig

Water Lily with added Black Widow and Scorpion Motif

The purpose of a chest rig is to place the firearm where it does not impede strenuous movement or interfere with the environment when on an ATV or horse. There's also that side bonus of being the hit of the barbeque when you get there! This was a fun holster for us to build. if you double click on the photo, you will get an enlargement which will show a black widow about to pounce on a scorpion on the holster plus another spider crepping up the shoulder strap. But don't let the tooling blind you to the fact that this is a wonderfully functional rig. The holster is equipped with a safety strap and tension screw. This allows for carry in both cocked and locked position or hammer down while in motion. Once at your location or if danger is imminent, this strap swivels away to sit behind the holster for quick deployment as needed. The belt allows for accesory items to be slipped on and off at will which makes field use with mag pouches, flashlight pouches, knife sheaths and so on easy.



Speed Scabbard

British Tan

Speed scabbard

Working Hand Border

This is a classic holster! However, that does not mean it is useless for the street or field. This one is shown cocked and locked but is available with the safety strap positioned behind the hammer for hammer-down carry if desired.

We call the border on this one the "Working Hand" because it has been around for well over 100 years and was an understated yet elegant decorative device for those who want something more decorative than plain but who don't have a passion for carved or other tooled work.





British Tan with dark background


Huntington Floral

This classic holster was developed by Colonel Charles Askins. There is a closely-fit belt loop behind the pouch. This plus the belt slot provide for a comfortable & secure carry position. The combination also tucks the grips of the pistol into the body for security and concealability. The carry position on this one is a medium-ride FBI rake. We can configure it for a higher ride, for straight-up or crossdraw. While we do not show it here,It can also be had with a thumb break.




Bear Tension Screw Askins

Golden with Dark Background


Leaf and Scroll Floral & Grizzly Bear

The Askins has become one of our customers' favorites and we hope you enjoy it through this site oin its many forms and decorative motifs. This particular one has a bear motif but could as easily have been done with a set of initials or some other animal. It is in a high riding FBI rake and is shown with a 4-14' Combat Commander with Spegal grips. It is set up with a tensioning screw and has a nicely reinforced top to aid in holstering.





British Tan with dark brown background

SOB (Small of Back)

Elko Floral

This holster places the pistol in the small of the back. It can also be wornslightly to one side of center. Either way provides good carry options. Retention is by an adjustment screw. it is shown with a 3-1/2' 1911. Please note that the barrel of longer fiearms will be exposed as this is the maximum coverage the holster design allows for.

Doc Tuesday SOB

British Tan with Dark Background

Modified Greg's SOB

Doc Tuesday (AKA Elko with a Sunset Border)

Thistension screw adjust holster cants the firearm into a fairly radical FBI cant. This cant is less radical that the Elko SOB above.We find it is not only perfect for use for in back carry but also makes a great holster for use over the hip pocketwhich makes for a bit more versatility than the Elko SOB which is meant for in back carry only.

We show it here with a 4-1/4" Combat Commander. it is, of course available for many other firearms and with any choice of design and color you might desire.






T. Rex


T. Rex (Tensions Screw Rex)

When we replicated the Applegate holster which SD Myres made for Colonel Rex Applegate, little did we realize where it would lead us. We found that the original Applegate (see our shoulder and field holster section) was exceptionally grip and barrel specific. By inverting the holster portion, we discovered that a great number of issues were resolved and what we were left with was a more versatile holster which could be adapted to fit small and medium sized pistols. This one is shown with a Kahr K-9. It positions the firearm in a shoulder holster placement but with no shoulder harness. The belt loops and paddle below it suspend it via the belt. A skeleton surronding the panel allows for a very comfortable and close fit to the body. It is an excellent and discreet concealed carry holster.