Semi-Auto Field Holsters

While it is entirely appropriate to use holsters designed for personal carry while in the field, open-topped holsters are not always guaranteed to provide retension during constant strong physical activity or while bouncing over rough terrain on a quad or on horesback. As an answer to the potential loss of a firearm, we offer these holsters.

Askins Break, Hamley

Light Mahogany (Heavily Oiled)

Askins Break

Hamley and Beehive Border

For those of you who like a holster with full retention capabilities plus concealment, this holster type is a good one that bridges across both carry purposes. It offers security as well as a close fit to the body. This one is shown in a high riding FBI rake. it is a favorite with customers and you will see it throughout these pages in differing rakes, colors and tooling patterns.


Denver Pancake Break


Antique Brown with Dark Background

Pancake Break

Denver Floral with Repeating 9's Border

Just as the Askins Break shown above gives positive retention and close fit to the body, so does the pancake style. The one i n the picture is shown in our standard medium rake but can be had with a higher rake if desired.

112th Field Holster

Light Mahogany

Harmann Retro Field Holster


1-1/2" Straightcut


This is a reproduction of one of the holsters in Purdy's personal collection. The original was crafted by an exceptionally talented gent named Dick Harmann while stationed with the 112th Cavalry in New Caladonia during World War II. The original was a shoulder holster. We have done it here as a field holster. There was no pre-existing carving design for the belt so this was extrapolated from the original elements in the holster. There is also a matching pouch. This one was made for the Colt 1903/1908 but can be had for most of the semi-autos mentioned in our Fitting Page.


Elko Stryker Break


British Tan with dark background

Stryker Break

Elko Rose

The belt loop on this holster is a hidden tunnel type which presents the pistol with the grips rolled very slightly out from the body. (This can be altered to a stronger grips snug to the body profile by widening the narrow band of tooling along the main seam and adding a belt slot, essentially turning it into an "Askins" Break holster.) The slight roll out of the Stryker style makes for a very comfortable field holster because it eliminates some pinch or rub points without catching on every bit of vegetation you pass. We make it in crossdraw, straight up and FBI tilt configurations to take care of any preferences.







Flapped 1911

Light Mahogany


Maricopa Flower

When speed is not of the essence and protection to a nice firearm is, the flapped holster is among the best for the purpose. Choose your rake and the appropriate ride to suit your needs. This one is shown with a Maricopa Floral but any border, floral, geometric or combinations can be adapted.



Gordon's Field Holster


Retro Field Holster

1-3/4" Ranger

Double Flapped, Square Bottom

Holster:Retro Basketstamp with Celtic Twist & Marquis Border
Belt and Mag Pouch:Celtic Twist with Marquis Border

This style of field holster and its closely related cousin the "Improved Field" have become great favorites with customers. While a bit old school in flavor, they still get the job done.

The sights are well protected. This is also one of the very few holsters which allow the wearer to carry in either the hammer down position (shown) or in the cocked and locked position with no clumsy strap changes. If an open top holster is desired, the safety strap can be flipped back and tucked behind the belt for immediate action. The holster shown is in a fairly low ride with an FBI tilt. It can be had in both higher and lower rides and in straight or crossdraw configurations as your personal preferences or needs dictate. You will see it in various iterations throught this site.


Working Hand Field holster


British Tan

Retro Field Holster

Working Hand Border

When we get fellows in the shop, many express that they wish to have "plain holsters" only. In almost every case, when they see this simple and elegant little border, their concept of plain evaporates. The border has been around since men headed up the trail to dusty cowtowns in the 1870's. It offers a quietly elegant touch and is as equally at home on more modern holsters as it was on those old single action holsters.

Improved Field Holster, Hamley & Border

British Tan

Improved Field Holster

Hamley with Carlos and Eberle Border

This is a classicly-styled holster with the same slim jim profile as the Retro Field styles. This one is slightly different in that it has an enclosed trigger area rather than the open style of the standard Retro version, a desireble feature with many of our customers. It offers excellent protection for the firearm as well as good retention. As with the Retro, we offer it in every rake and ride desired.


Maricopa Field Holster

British Tanwith Dark Background

Retro Field Holster

Maricopa Flower

The Maricopa Floral has become one of our most popular floral designs. You can understand why when you look at the bold flower and the delicate scroll work.

Many of our customers prefer the toe of this holster to be closed or stitched through. It not only keeps the barrel from being dinged by rocks or grit but also keeps snow and mud from clogging the barrel if you happen to frolic in the great outdoors' less kind moments. If you are in extremely brushy country and feel that having debri fall through the holster is a better option, please tell us and we will make the holster with an open toe.


Karson Speed Scabbard

British Tan

Speed Scabbard

Ranger Belt

Holster:Karson Border
Belt: Single Line Karson Border

This is a classic holster good for the street or field. This one is shown cocked and locked but works with the safety strap positioned behind the hammer for hammer-down carryequally as well if desired.

If you click on the photo for the enlarged view, you will note that there is a rather sizeable flaw in the leather on the front of the holster. This was purposely done at the request of the customer who found this to be desireable. We do get customers who like this sort of a look. While not impossible to do (leather being an imperfect natural medium), most of the skins we use are very clean and it is difficult for us to offer it as standard. We got a bit lucky on this one!




Double Shuffle Askins Break

Light Mahogany

Askins Break

1-1/2" Straightcut

Double Shuffle Border

Double Shuffle

Adding a thumb break to the holster designed by Charles Askins and John Bianchi makes it a good all round field holster as well as a holster appropriate for concealed carry. This one has our classic Double Shuffle Border on it. It is a pattern which has come to be greatly favored by our customers as being elegantly undrstated. You will see it more than once over the site.




BeLephant Askins Break

British Tan with dark background

Askins Break

Long Spade Leaf Floral & Elephant

Here is another variationn on the Askins Break theme. This one is shown in a high crossdraw. This rake opens up enough space in the paddle where the slot is to be able to add an extra bit of carving. If an elephant is not desired, we can substitute initials, a brand or a different animal to suit your personal tastes.








Matt's Style, Round Botton

Holster:Denver Floral with Repeating 9's Border
Belt: Ocean Wave
Mag Pouch: Denver Floral with Repeating 9's Border

The Army got it right in 1911 adapting a pistol and a holster that would seee service for more than half a century. Thousands of surplus holsters have carried the 1911 into civilian service. It was popular enough to be offered by such prestigious firms as Heiser in various forms, tooled and untooled. We even have versions of it from how-to books of the post WWII era. That says much about the holster.

Ours is a civilian version with a sturdy, stitched-on belt loop and a full lining. We kept the "rest" plug beneath the grip area on the interior but have eliminated the leather at the toe which was used to wick moisture from the holster when soaking conditions existed. It can be had on demand if desired.

Baby Browning Stryker

Light Mahogany

Stryker Break

4-Petal Flower

When people see the Baby Browning for the 1st time, most consider it either a mouse gun or the jewel of their gun collection. There is no middle ground. No matter what your opinion of the firearm, when you add a functioning holster to contain its diminutive little frame, the only reaction we have encountered is the huge grin. Yes, this is a fully functional thumb break holster sized to fit up to a 1-1/2" belt.





Baby Browning Stryker Field


Stryker Field

If the Stryker holster for the Baby Browning didn't get a big grin, perhaps this field holster version with its fitted safety strap will. Like its brother above, it is sized for up to a 1-1/2" belt