Semi-Auto Field

Maricopa Break

Light Mahogany

Askins Break

Maricopa Flower

As stated previously, the Maricopa floral is a great favorite with customers. Its grace and elegance compliment the Askins style holsters in all their variations with this one being no exception. It is shown here in a medium high ride with the thumb break oriented for the more rarely-preferred hammer down carry.

WOrking Hand Speed Scabbard

British Tan

Speed Scabbard

Working Hand Border

Minimalism is at its best in this field holster. It is lean and mean with it's narrow pouch and open trigger guard. The safety strap can be used in both cocked and locked and hammer down carry positions. The strap can be tucked behind the belt for a convenient open top holster on demand.

Scroll Askins Break

British Tan with dark background

Askins Break


Yet another variation on the theme of the carving patterns we make available for the Askins styles -- or any other for that matter. If you don't lean toward flowers, then this flowing scroll design might just be the ticket

This holster is shown in the typical high ride FBI tilt for cocked and locked carry.