Ammo Pouches and Slides

It is not always convenient to wear a gunbelt with a row of cartridge loops. Sometimes multiple calibres must be carried... or a different firearm is used with the belt... or a regular pants belt is used with the holster. At these times, loose ammo must be restrained and contained by methods which make it both convenient to carry and accessible. One way to achieve this is by placing it in a bag of some sort. (Please see our Small Bags and Cases Section within Accessories for a good overview of this solution.) The alternative method is to use a slide or dump pouch of some sort. We will outline these in the page below.
The pieces presented here are a mere overview of what is available. Color, number or cartridges contained and tooling style are available to match any holster or belt whether ours or someone else's.

"Horizontal" Dump Pouch

Light Mahogany

Dump Pouch

George Lawrence Leaf and Flame Border

We subtitle this type of dump pouch as a "Horizontal" because the cartridges lie on their sides in the pouch. Some poeple like vertical and some horizontal. This will depend on the size of the rounds, whether or not you are using a tuff strip or loose ammo and whether you like something to mirror the width of the belt or look more like a small case or knife sheath. These are decisions only you can make.
For those of you unfamiliar with the concept of the dump pouch, the pouch is a "hinged" unit. When opened, the pouch drops down and drops the contents of the pouch into your waiting hand. If you click on the picture, we show the pouch in the open position on a belt.

"Vertical" Dump Pouch

British Tan

Dump Pouch

Ocean Wave Border

This pouch was made for .44 Mag rounds arranged on a Tuff strip. Much larger rounds plus the Tuff strip allowed us to place the case sideways with the rounds in an up and down position. This kept the pouch as low profile as possible.

Pocket Speedloader Pouch

Natural Roughout

Pocket Speedloader Pouch, Single & Double

This little pouch stabilizes a speedloader or two in the pocket so that they remain oriented in an upright position for emergency situations. Either pouch keeps other pocket items from getting tangled in the speedloader or from nicking the cartridges. We make these for the J-frame, K-frame and Detective Special size speed loaders.

Pancake Speedloader Pouch

Antique Brown

Pancake Speedloader (Double Pocket)

Finding a way to make a pouch or pouches to keep speedloaders in --especially the large ones that the N-frame requires -- has proven quite a burr in our saddle blankets. The issue is figuring out a way to take a fairly narrow item and fit a functional belt loop to it. Wide belt are a particularly keen pain in the bustle.

The solution appears to be to place the belt loops to the side rather than in back. While that makes for an elongated package, it offers very positive carrying properties.

This is the prototype in plain leather. We can doll it up to match anything you order or own.

Ammo Slide

British Tan

Ammo Slide

Ocean Wave

This is possibly the most popular of our slide styles. 5 or 6 rounds on a slide with a stitched through bottom provides a useful slide for day-to-day carry. It is a logical way to carry rounds for a side arm while hunting or while engaged in heavy outdoor activities. We can make it longer if desired.

Snap-Over Ammo Slide


Snap-Over Ammo Slide

Working Hand Border

Some people like the advantage a slide has when it can be snapped on and off a belt as necessity demands. This slide is equipped with a series of heavy snaps in back for those who prefer that. We show it here as a 12 round but can make it for 10, 6 or 5 rounds as your needs require.

Slide Pouch

Light Mahogany on Natural Polished Roughout

Slide Pouch

Scroll Floral

If you are really active and worry about nicking your bullets or losing cartridges, this is the pouch which will likely work best for you. Opened up, it presents the cartridges in loops like a standard slide would. Closed, it is a small case which slides on a belt. Simple.
This one was set up to match the Spartacus-style Field holsters. It is available without the stitched-on shield if desired.


Big Game Slide


Big Game


Keeping large cartridges from bumps, grinds and nicks while on a hunt means paying attention to how they are carried. The nice thing about this pouch is that it can be carried on a belt or slipped into a pocket depending on what is more convenient. In either case, the bullets are covered and protected. These work best for large, long cartridges. Shown is a slide made for 45-70 rounds.