Small Cases and Bags

When pockets get full or it is inadviseable, inappropriate or impossible to carry what is needed in a pocket, one must resort to a bag or case of some sort. We have a good assortment of cases, some specialized and some not to take care of your needs. We are also equipped to make custom cases for whatever you need to tote or protect. Please cruise the Large Cases and Bags section for carrying objects too big for the cases shown here.

GMac's Rattail Pouch

Light Mahogany

Square Rattail Pouch

GMac Border

Someone once told us they though this pouch was handier 'n a shirt pocket. The rattail is actually an extended, free-floating belt loop. Instead of fixing it on a belt, you slide it in behind you belt or into your waistband. It is particularly useful on belts wider than 1-3/4" where no spring clips is long enough to work. Your body and the belt tension the pouch in place but allow quick and easy removal. The concho at the bottom serves as a bit of bling and, more importantly, as a detente that keeps things from sliding off by accident.
This is a great little bag for using at a reloading station or for a day of plinking or for retrieved brass.. It is a handy place to park pocket overflow as well.
This one has a tab closure with the owner's initials on it. It can also be decorated with a bit of cvarving as shown below.

Barry's Rattail Pouch


Square Rattail Pouch

Slade's Border with Denver Floral on Tab

The belt bags can be infinitely tailored with different colors, tooling patterns, flap styles and shape. This one shows a hand-carved tab which we did up to match a couple of other items commissioned by the customer.

Round Rattail Pouch

British Tan

Round-bottom Rattail Pouch

Running S with Bugle and Half Berry Border

If you look at the "tail" on this bag, you will see that the bag portion is smaller than that on the square pouches shown above. This is indeed a smaller bag, but still very useful as a cartridge bag for the loading table at a SASS event or for a day of plinking with a .22.

California Pouch

Light Mahogany

California Pouch

Celtic Twist and Eberle Border

As you might suspect, we tend to enjoy cruising history. Pictures and documentation offer us not only historical references but challenges as well. This little bag with its pointed bottom has a diabolical little twist required in getting the gusset correct. It is a very ineteresting and beautiful bag.
This bag has a fixed tunnel loop in back. It can be had with an optional clip or a rattail.

Roy's Belt Bag

British Tan

Small Square Belt Pouch

Huntington Leaf Floral

This is a companion pouch to Roy's Field Holster (Double Action Section). It is a small bag, about an inch smaller than our standard, square Rattail pouches. (It is sized proportionally to our round-bottom bag. ) This one has a fixed belt loop, but can be rattailed or equipped with a clip as desired.

It is an ideal pouch for a day of plinking, the reloading table or for carrying a small First Aid kit or other small objects like matches, firestarter, a spare knife, small light and so on.


Concho Tab Pouch

Light Mahogany

Round Bottom Pouch

Celtic Twist with Sunset and Beartooth Border

This is the fixed belt loop version of the rattail pouch shown above. The flap has been modified with a seperate tab. The pinking is a nice old-tyme touch for the Buckaroo Berry concho.


Ennis Cap Pouch

Light Mahogany

Cap Box

Meanea Bronc Rein Border

This is our smallest pouch. We patterned it along the lines of the cap pouches of the Civil War era. This is the style with a stitched gusset. We also make it with a formed gusset and optional scalloped, more civilian-style flap. All are historically correct with a shearling piece and nipple pick holder inside as well as an inner protective flap.


Roughout Cap Box

Light Mahogany on Natural Roughout

Cap Box

Huntington Leaf Floral

This is a cap box style pouch loosely based on the historical ones. It does not have an inner flap nor the shearling or nipple pick. Instead, it was designed for carrying loose cartridges. It will hold well over 100 .22 rounds with ease. The round bottom makes it easy to retrieve rounds for a day of plinking. It can be had in smooth leather if desired and to match any pattern we make.

Cigar Day Case

Light Mahogany

Cigar Day Case

Stohlman Flower Scroll

Okay..... not an actual accessory for shooting, but we had to put these somewhere.
These are finely-crafted cases. This one is full carved and is our "default pattern" for a double case in the 54 (max) ring size. We make a smaller version for up to the 48 ring size. And, yes, 3-cigar cases are also available. If desired, we can match your gun rig for something to make your shooting pards reallyhave something to groan about at the next barbeque or your next range session.

Large Prospector's Poke

British Tan, Saddle Tan & Black

Large Poke


We have been making these pouches for a very, very long time. They are modeled on an old pouch style that the banks used to give away to miners to hold nuggets and gold dust. That may be a bit of a stretch for most of us today, but that does not mean they have no current use. We are astounded by the uses paople have put these to. This size and the smaller size we also offer make great ball bags for flintlock and cap and ball era firearms. They are a good way to pack loose ammo in a pocket for convenience and a lack of give-away rattling. Coin pouches for toll booths, jewelry pouches for travel, even marble bags... you name it.
We show them as they look flat in this photo. Filled, they fluff up like the ones in the photo below.
These are not our only colors. We generally have natural, British Tan, Chocolate and Black on hand. Red is also generally available. Saddle Tan is generally not stocked but can be had occassionally.


Fancy Poke

British Tan & Burgundy

Large Poke with Teardrop Ears

Spade Leaf (left) and Scroll (Right)

As stocking stuffers go, we have never seen one of these snubbed. Folks like the bit of tooling on the ears. It sets the poke off as being theirs -- whether floral carved, borde stamped or with just an initial. We show them fluffed out as though they are filled. Flat, they have the same shape as the plain pokes in the photo above.
We offer them in the same colors as our standard pokes. Burgundy may or may not be available as this leather has proven difficult to get in the proper weight. At this moment, it is not available.


Carved Business Card Case


Narrow Tab Business Card Case

Spade Leaf Floral

Whether you are a "Have Gun Will Travel" sort or have a different professional identity, the need for a business card case seems to be a constant one for the modern era. We offer them in 2 styles, one for carved and one for stamped. Depending on card stock, each will comfortably hold between 15 and 20 business cards. These are wonderful gifts and truly make a lasting impression on both clients and colleagues.


Stamped Business Card Case

Light Mahogany

Large Tab Business Card CAse

Hawk Stomp Center with Small Running W and Harp Border

We designed flap on this business card as an alternative to the narrower tabbed version above. The wider tab simply seems to look nicer when a border pattern or geometric is used. Both cases have the same overall dimensions and the same capacity.


Heat Pack

Light Mahogany

Heat Pack

Double Shuffle Border

This is a serious gun holster for those times when carrying openly is indiscreet or for when summer clothing or circumstance mean you cannot properly conceal a holstered firearm. These are made for small pistols. There is no one-size-fits-everything model. They are specific to your firearm. If you have 2 guns you wish to carry at different times, call us and tell us what you are carrying. We will make it for the larger one so you can get double duty. This one is sized for the Rohrbaugh or the Colt Mustang.