Long range Accessories

Much though we hate to admit it, we have been strongly influenced by a band of Scoundrels. Not only do we appreciate the very kind guidance these gentlemen and ladies have offered, but we appreciate the humor and good will they have extended to us and scores of other afficionados of guns made of steel and wood with iron sights. If you get a moment, do tune in to their site. They are levergun-scoundrels.com. Their influence is shown down the page. Not only have their members made great suggestions for things like the sight bags, they have been influential in the design of the Okanogan Shooting Sticks and with holsters and belt bags as well.

Okanogan Shooting Sticks

Light Mahogany Leather on Oiled Cherry

A number of years back, we were contacted by a gent who was an ardent long-distance shooter. He had a new design for a set of shooting sticks that would act both as a steady rest for a firesrm -- almost any firearm -- and virtually any type of ground, even rock! They would also provide enhanced accuracy, safety and control of recoil . We were in! Our part of it was to design and manufacture the leather parts for him. He was in charge of wood.

The images to the side show the sticks used from the seated position. The connecting strap is fully adjustable to allow shooting prone and for variables in height. This strap also doubles as a convenient shoulder strap for carrying to the range or in the field.



We generally keep these on hand. Please look in Available Now for the current price.















"Wind Sock" Sight Bag

British Tan

Wind Sock Sight Bag

Working Hand Border

There is a distinct possibility that this item could be identified with the phrase "Wind strikes again!" It's true. We started calling these Wind Socks for the obvious reason that Wind was instrumental in its development. We admit, it sureis better than trying to protect those sights with an old sock.
Protecting a set of very expensive verniers sights from dust and corruption when the wind is blowing with hurricane strength is a trick. This little bag is an answer to preserving your delicate dial-ins. It is equipped with a string to snug it to the rifle. (You can see how that works by clicking the photo for a different view.)
These bags come in two sizes for medium and long range verniers and fit even the wide Soule types. We generally have them in stock in Natural, Britsh Tan, Light Mahogany, Havana & Black. They come standard with the Working Hand Border on them. If you like, we can customize them whichever way you like. We can also put your name on them so they won't wander.


British Tan & Burgundy Shown

Teardrop Eared Poke (shown "filled" not "flat")

Spade Leaf & Scroll (from left to right)

Yeah... we know.... these are probably a bit to the hoity or toity side for most of you. We show them here not to impress you about how nice we can make these and how we can match them up to whatever your heart desires, but to point out that the longer ears are also a convenient place to put other markings. Think initials or a brand so they don't walk away when you are at the local range or, if you are calibre-memory-challenged, a calibre designation so you don't run out the door with .22's when your gun takes .32-20. If you don't need the ID, we do make plain pokes in either this style or with small ears. (Go on over to the Small Cases & Bags section to see the small-eared ones.) All of these come in various flavors so you can color coordinate as need be or designate purpose by color. Burgundy is the only color we are having trouble with. Current supplies are a bit too heavy for the job. All other stock colors are fair game.

Web Belts

Light Mahogany

Mills Belt

Web belts are a great way to carry ammo. They are lightweight, flexible, don't make you as hot and sticky in the summer, conform to your body and don't tend to make ammo stored in them green. We make 3 styles of the 3" ones, the Mills Belt shown, a tapered style with plain or tooled billets and a straightcut gunfighter style with plain or tooled billets. The Mills belts are plain and come in the instandard military colors of brown and black. We can be conned into other colors if you insist.

The other styles are wide open for color choices as well as borderstamping or carving.

Ammo Slides


Big Game

Ammo slides or ammo wallets can be built in a variety of ways. We do both open toe styles and closed ones with belt loops (or without if you prefer carrying rounds in a pocket rather than on a bel)t. Please check out the ammo pouch section for a better overview.

Belt Bags

Light Mahogany

Large Square Rattail Pouch

GMac's Border

These rattail bags are handier 'n a shirt pocket. We make a lot of them and in every flavor and tooling style you can think of. If you look in the Small Cases Section in the Accessoroies pages, you'll find an excellent overview of the various types available.