Double Action Personal Carry Holsters

Throughout the past century, the small double action revolvers have been carried and relied upon for personal protection. This changed a bit in recent years with the appearance of so many portable and useful semi-autos. Still... many continue to hang on to these lovely old snub-nosed wheelguns as their day to day protectors. We are firmly committed to these revolvers and, as time moves forward, will continue to broaden our line of finely crafted holsters to meet your needs.

Grodin Holster and Belt

British Tan


1-1/4" taper

Huntigton Leaf Floral

When a suitcoat is involved, the last thing you want is to get the lining chewed up by the hammer of your cherished Chiefs Special's or Detective Special's exposed hammer. Our intstructions on this holster were to take the clean and uncluttered lines of the Myres Holster (below) and raise the leather at the throat to bury the hammer. The result was a no-nonsense and functional little holster and belt combo we named after the gent who inspired its creation. He also provided us with the magnificent vintage Bohlin buckle which you see in the photo. A nice touch for an elegant rig.

DA Askins

Light Mahogany


Ocean Flame Border

Okay....we know.... FINALLY!

We have been making the Askins style for semi-autos for years. We are now very pleased to introduce the same style for the small double actions. The DA Askins offer the same carry benefits of their semi-auto cousins. There is a tunnel loop in back of the holster for security and the slot helps keep the holster in place on a belt and cranks the grips inboard for good concealment.

We do not yet show this style in a Tension Screw or Thumb Break Model. If you would like that option over the simple open top version, please tell us and we will make it so. As always, you have free rein with color and pattern.

For those of you who are looking at the grips, our thanks go to Craig Spegal for his usual spectacular work on these Boot Grips.



Havana and Natural Roughout


This is our version of the Summer Special for the small revolver. (We can make this for an N-Frame, but as Roy Huntington of "American Handgunner" puts it, it's sorta like wearing a grapefruit between you and your belt")

This one is shown for a J-frame raked in the classic grips forward FBI rake. We make it straight up and crossdraw for those of you whjo prefer that and tailor it to the belt yo uwill be wearing it with. We can make a matching belt if you so desire.




We get quite a few requests for this holster. Not only is it a great little field holster but it does nice double duty concealed. Many of our customers still prefer a safety strap. It allows for unconcerned carry during stenous activity yet can be tucked back over the holster and behind the belt for open carry if a threat is imminent.

You can also opt to have us make the holster open-topped. It is a good way to carry a Centenniel Model Smith, a Bodyguard or custom models with bobbed or shrouded hammers. If a strap is desired for these, we generally orient it over the trigger guard where it gives a better purchase. In all safety strap cases, we prefer a button stud ( Sam Browne button) as it provide reliable retention and a very quiet release which snaps and velcro are incapable of. We have also never seen one of these buttons fail, an important note when you have replaced as many snaps as we have!

If you like the concept of this holster, please have a look at our DA Field holster section. They are highlighted there for any and all of the DA's we fit.

DA Semi SOB, Elko Rose & Sunset Border

British Tan with Dark Background

Elko Rose with Sunset Border

As is the case with this holster in our Semi-Auto section, it is designed not to be worn in the center of the small of the back but just off to one side. It is also an outstanding holster when worn just under the kidney or over the hip pocket.(One of our favorite customers has taken to referring to it as an "SOK" -- Small of Kidney. We kinda like that!)

The forward cant is quite extreme, but allows for a very good draw as well as excellent concealment properties. We show it with a 3" Smith and Wesson K-Frame.

Arizona Rose Field Holster


British Tan with dark background

Roy's Field Holster

Arizona Rose

We offer this as a personal cerry holster for the same reason as our Myres, above. It differs from the Myres only in that the trigger area is completely covered.

The grips are by Esmeralda.

Sverker's "Sloan"

British Tan with dark background

Sloan Ranger

Scroll with Ocean Flame Border

We took the pattern for this Sloan-style holster from the pages of SD Myre's catalogue. The tooling pattern is modern and our own but the holster is as close as we could pattern it after Sam's. If you look at the recurve at the trigger guard and that of the one in the Retro Ranger below, you will see why we dubbed it the "Sloan Ranger". It keeps things in the family so to speak.

We loosely named this after Hank Sloan. He was the Special Agent in Charge of Firearms Training at Quantico when he designed a holster similar to this. His varied from the one shown in that it had a retention toggle of leather built into the trigger guard area which could be loosened or tightened according to the wearer's personal draw preferences. What he retained from Sam Myres and other makers was the "dog ear" design. Technically, we should call it this, but it lacks something for verbal panache, so we are going to stick with the Sloan moniker.

The Dog Ear style was highly respected by law enforcement personnel at the time. The need to carry heavy revolvers with sharp hammers concealed under suit coat jackets tore the linings and often snagged the revolver when it was drawn. The dog ear prevented hammer snag and torn suits. It was an elegant solution for a time when dress codes were a bit less relaxed.

A special thanks to Craig Spegal for the spectacular cocobola grips that grace this venerable old pin-barrel S&W Model 625!

Retro Ranger

Light Mahogany

Retro Ranger

George Lawrence Floral

This holster is taken directly from an old Sam Myres holster that was sent to us for restoration. With permission, of course!

It has a graceful trigger recurve that swoops down and then squares into a throat profile that mirrors the cylinder. The toe is stitched through to give a more concealable profile under clothing. Yes, it is a bit longer than an open toe holster, but the tapering profile prevents the printing that some open toe holsters contribute under lightweight clothing. It is a graceful and useful holster which is as functional today as it might once have been on the hip of a now-retired police detective or a member of the old Texas Rangers.

We show it with a matching cartridge dump pouch.

Pocket Holster

Natural Roughout

Pocket Holster

We have been making these for about 20 years now and still get the occassional call from the guys who bought them way back then asking us "When is this thing gonna wear out?" That makes us grin!

The holster is actually a loose-fitting pouch designed to hold the holster in an upright position in the front pocket of a pair of pants. The loose fit plus the roughout construction ensure an easy draw with the holster remaining politely in the pocket contributing no foul language or lost time under dire circumstances. The roughout also means the holster is smooth on the inside giving it the effectiveness & protection that make lined holsters desireable.

We make this for the Colt Detective Special and the Smith and Wesson J-Frame. Our default is for the 2-1/8" Smith which seems to be the most common today but we can make it shorter for those of you who prefer to tote the 1-7/8" length.

Threepersons Break


Threepersons Break

Hamley with Double Shuffle Border

SD Myers had a habit of working with people to create holsters which were functional, aesthetically pleasing and comfortable. We try to do the same. When we were asked if we could put a thumb break on a Threepersons holster we never blinked. The resultant holster has a rather nice retro feel and look to it. A suitable holster both for personal carry and field use.

The thumbreak styles are considered quite often for both personal carry and field use. They provide the comforting knowledge that the gun is secure no matter what activity you undertake. If you are interested in this style of holster, please look at the DA Field holster section. They are more extensively covered there.

Once again, we must thank Craig Spegal for his work. The boot grips on this S&W Model 10 are outstanding.

T. Rex


T. Rex (Tension Screw Rex)

When we replicated the holster which SD Myres made for Colonel Rex Applegate, little did we realize where it would lead us. We found that the original Applegate was exceptionally grip and barrel specific. By inverting the holster portion, we discovered that a great number of issues were resolved . What we were left with was a more versatile holster which could be adapted to fit small and medium-smalll framed revolvers and pistols.This one is shown with Smith & Wesson Model 60 J-Frame. The firearm is positioned with a shoulder holster placement but with no shoulder harness. The belt loops and paddle below it suspend and support it on the belt. The skeleton surrounding the panel allows for a very comfortable and close fit to the body. It is an excellent and discreet concealed carry holster which can be hidden under a light shirt.

"Closed Trigger" Brill


Brill (short barrel version)

Hamley Geometric

People's concepts of the dream holster change with time and perceived purpose. Back in the roaring 20's, this one was considered the highest of high standard personal carry holsters.

In the early 1920's, 2 lawmen discussed their idea of a dream holster. The 1st went to Sam Myres and the Threepersons holster was born. The other, a Texas Ranger by the name of Lee Trimble went to Austin to see AW Brill. The rest is history. The Brill style is marked by a racy loop which swoops from left to right like a cresting wave. No matter whether the holster is for a single action, double action or semi-auto, it is this holster loop that screams "I am Brill" to the world.

This one, for a 2" K-frame, is shown with the high-on-the -trigger guard profile used for shorter barrels -- a good idea as the open top and open trigger design of the standard Brill style would surely have led to guns falling into the dirt!

Brill's other claim to fame was his extremely fine basketstamp work. We can replicate that but chose instead to do this one with a Hamley geometric.

Carved T. Rex

Black & Havana

T Rex (Tension Screw Rex)

Black: Scroll
Havana: Spade Leaf

Some of our customers really like hand carved holsters. When we were asked whether we could full carve the T. Rex, the answer was "yup".