Double Action Field Holsters

By far and away the majority of holsters that we make for the double action revolvers are for use in the field. That means holsters equipped with retention mechanisms so the firearm remains with you through day-to-day activities whether you are trompsing over field, throughh woodland or bouncing along a trail on an ATV. We offer many variations on this theme with choices across the board for retention, rake, ride and decoration.  

Roy's Field Holster

British Tan

Roy's Field Holster

Huntington Floral with Repeating 9's Border

We have always maintained that when you have completed your day out in forest or field that you should be able to hang your gunleather on a peg or over a chair and enjoy some memories. This holster is that pretty! But don't let appearances fool you. This rig is tough!

For revolvers with moveable rear sights we cut this holster with an integral sight shroud. It is not present on fixed sight model holsters. The combination of safety strap and shroud works particularly well with the N-Frame revolvers which tend to have a wide, bulbous hammer.

The top of the pouch is cut with a fully-enclosed trigger guard for protection against brush and debri. The toe on this one is open by request. It can be had with a stitched-through toe or even with a toe plug.


Roy's Break, Hawk Stomp & Border

Light Mahogany(heavily oiled)

Roy's Break

Hawk Stomp Center with Snake T & Sunset Border

As you go through the field holster section, you will notice a lot of holsters with the name "Roy" eiether in the title mast or as the name of the holster in the description area. The Roy in question is Roy Huntington. He is fully to blame for the numerous variants on his own holsters theme. Yes, the holster in the picture above is the original. It pleases us to name the holster (and the original Huntington Leaf Floral) in his honor; the holster has been very popular in all of it's many forms. And Roy has become a good friend.

In the K, L & N and X-Frame styles, the integral sight shroud is standard for revolvers with moveable sights. J-Frames are the exception due to their extremely narrow profile.





Light Mahogany Topband on Natural Polished Roughout Body

Spartacus Variant of Roy's Field Holster

Huntington Leaf Floral

Roy's Field Holster strikes again! This one happened after a phone call announcing the desireability of a holster similar to his original but slightly less ornate. It had to be tough as an old goat to survive rolling in gravel or muck under atractor and fit a 2-1/2" Nightguard N-Frame. The result was a holster we dubbed the Spartacus -- named in honor of Roy's tractor.

The holster is of 2-piece construction. The topband is made of tooling leather. It lies over a main body made from a single thickness of lightweight saddle leather which has been turned flesh side out and polished -- a finish common to using saddles in the buckaroo world. We figured that if it was tough enough to withstand the rigors of cowboying, it would pass the tough as a goat test and anything Roy could throw at it..

For those of you disinclined to roll under tractors, we do indeed make it in the rough roughout and in regular grain-out styles. They are pictured further along in the site an in the Single Action pages.


Basketstamped Three Persons



Mini Basketstamp

The legend has it that once upon a time, 2 law officers camped along the border. Talk was about holsters -- their dream holsters. After that evening, one of those officers went to Austin and talked to a fellow named AW Brill. The result was the holster we now refer to as the Brill. The other man went to Sam Myres and showed him a cutout he had made from a tin can representing his holster. From that tin can and the dream holster concept of Tom Threepersons came the holster, one of the most copied in history which bears his name.

We have many variants on this holster's theme in both the "Purdy" style with its sight tab and this one. Please also look at the single action field holster section for other examples. Enjoy.




Meanea Purdy Threepersons Rig

Light Mahogany

Purdy Threepersons

3" Gunfighter

Holster: Meanea Poinsettia with Repeating 9's border
Belt: Ocean Wave Border

Cheyenne meets El Paso? As crazy as it might sound, yes, it actually happened! There is a picture of a holster in Purdy's files of a Threepersons holster made by SD Myres Saddlery with a poinsettia pattern on it that looks as though it was copied out of the Meanea catalogue.

The holster itself is our standard Threepersons with a sight tab in the front to protect moveable rear sights. We invented that as an answer to the frustration customers had about their sights getting beat up in the standard Threepersons style. It works!

The holster is raked about 15 degrees in the classic FBI tilt.






Borderstamped Purdy Three Persons


Purdy Threepersons

Sunset Border

This Threepersons is done up with a simple border. In this case, the Sunset Border. We have many others so please do indulge yourselves and pick one that you like. We have never seen a border that looks bad on a Threepersons and there are many over the site to choose from. Enjoy!




Furstnow Threepersons

British Tan with dark background

Purdy Threepersons

Furstnow of Hollywood

We're pretty certain that the folks at Furstnow's of Hollywood never interacted with those at SD Myers'. One of our customers decided that this historical meeting should take place and the end result is one pretty little holster! There's just something about that Threepersons style that tells our customers that just about anything looks great on it. The fact that the Threepersons is an outstanding field holster doesn't hurt either!








Purdy BReak

British Tan with dark background

Purdy Break

Huntington Leaf Floral with Repeating 9's Border

Purdy happens to like a bit of recurve at the trigger guard area of a holster. This one has just enough to show off a nice bit of the trigger but not so much as to fully expose it. It offers a slightly more racy throat than the Roy's Field style yet doe not uncover much of the firearm while doing so.







Heiser 738

British Tan with Dark Background and white goat rawhide laced mainseam

Heiser 738

Furstnow of Hollywood with no outer border

The best way to protect a prized firearm in the field is with a flapped holster. It's slow to draw from, yes, but there is no holster which does the job of protecting a firearm better. This one is patterned on the old Heiser 738 holster. The flow lines are all Heiser but we have substituted the floral elements from a Furstnow of Hollywood holster into those lines in order to match up a belt we did previously for our customer.

This holster is raked grips forward about 15 degrees and is dropped for a more efficient draw. When worn, the top of the grip frame is at the top of the belt. There is a toe plug and a removeable tie-down. The main seam is laced with white rawhide goat.






Hunter Rig

British Tan


2 1/2" Ranger

Holster: Basketstamp within Marquis and Celtic Twist Border
Belt: Marquis, Celtic Twist and Doc Martin Vine Border

This holster has been in production by a number of companies over the last 50 or 60 years. Ours carries on in that tradition with a hidden skirt secured with a buckle. This arrangement makes it easy to remove the holster without having to remove other objects such as knife sheaths, slides or other small cases normally carried on the belt. This holster is shown in a straight up medium ride. It is as high a ride as possible but can be lowered or raked grips forward or into a crossdraw if desired.


Idaho Roy

Light Mahogany

Idaho Roy

Idaho John

Yeah.... we know... again with the Roy thing! Truth be told, many holsters are built from pre-existing forms so the name thread tends to remain a contant. It could also be that Purdy isn't very imaginative about holster names. Whatever the case, the name for this holster comes from Roy's Feild Holster which is its base form. The Idaho portion comes from a wstern-styled holster which we call the Idaho John. The trigger guard on that holster has a particularly racy little recurve which the customer who ordered this holster wanted incorporated. He also liked the Idaho John tooling pattern so... hence the name.


Threepersons Break


Threepersons Break

Hamley with Double Shuffle Border

SD Myers had a habit of working with people to create holsters which were functional, aesthetically pleasing and comfortable. We try to do the same. When we were asked if we could put a thumb break on a Threepersons holster, we never blinked. The resultant holster has a rather nice retro feel and look to it. A suitable holster both for personal carry and field use.








Borderstamped Roy's Break


British Tan

Roy's Field Holster

Sunset and Furstnow Border

There is something about the understated elegance of a borderstamped holster. In-your- face enough to be a hit at a barbeque or to make your shooting buddies at the range jealous yet still in exquisite good taste. If this border pattern doesn't do it for you, please feel free to tell us about any of the others you find here. we will adapt it to your holster.



Myres Field

Arizona Rose

SD Myers had a habit of creating really functional holsters. This is another of his designs which we have adorned with our traditional Arizona Rose carving design.








Maricopa Threepersons


Golden with medium background


Maricopa Flower

A Colt Python, a Threepersons holster and the Maricopa Floral. It wouldn't take much to make this better except possibly a really good steak and the companionship of some shooting buddies.



Barry's Field Holster


Light Mahogany

Roy's Field Holster

Teton Lace and Snake T Border

Return customers are always welcomed. This gentleman was no exception. He had purchased a very nice gunfighter-style belt and then asked if we could make him a matching holster to compliment it and one of his vintage N-frames.This holster was our responce. We think it is a stunning holster, elegant and sophisticated yet no -nonsence at the same time.