Double Action Field Holsters

Sverker's Field Holster

British Tan

Idaho Roy

Retro Basketstamp and Ocean Wave Border

When Sverker and I started our conversations on holsters, we indulged in many, many discussions about not only the functional aspects of holsters but of subtle and elegant touches that the world seems to have sometimes forgotten. When I showed him the Idaho Roy I had just completed for another customer, the conversation went no further.

We ended up making a pair of these for his classic L and N-frame revolvers. The one shown below is based on the original but with some twists.



Sverker's Other Field Holster

British Tan and White Goat Lace

Idaho Roy

Idaho John

For his 2nd Idaho Roy Field holster, this one for the N-frame, Sverker asked if it would be possible to do some form of a hammer tab rather than a "regulation safety strap". The N-Frames have been a bit of a pain when it comes to hammer loops as they tend to have very bulbous hammers which tend to hang up in the slot -- a not too comforting concept when you are pondering a hunt in Africa where surprises sometimes come in ferocious bursts of claws and teeth.

It turns out that just turning the hammer tab sideways makes for the solution. All it takes to gain access is a flick of the thumb.


Purdy's ThreePerson

British tan with dark background

Purdy Threepersons

Huntington Leaf Floral

There is an old saying that in every blacksmith's garden shed there is a wooden hoe. In this instance, we actually have at least one made of iron. (This holster really is Purdy's!)

In an attempt to ever-improve our holsters, we decided to see if there was a better solution to the integral shield or shroud to protect the front sight. We believe this really does the trick. Note how the sights are clear of the holster pouch's lip yet are still well protected by the added-on leather sight tab.




Arizona Rose Field Holster

British Tan with dark background

Roy's Field Holster

Arizona Rose

We chose to stitch the toe closed on this holster. Some people do not like a closed toe, but we think it has some merit. Yes, it makes the holster longer and therefore -- in the eyes of some -- less concealable, but does that make a truly significant difference on a 2" snub nosed revolver in a world that thinks it is possible to conceal a Glock 20 or a 5" 1911?

The benefit to the stitched- through toe is that it helps to taper the toe profile down so that it is less likeley to print under light clothing in situations where that is a very bad idea. Not that this is a great issue when in the field, but it makes concealed carry when getting out of your hunting vehicle to get gas or to go into a reataurant a bit more sensible.


Poinsettia Field Holster

British Tan

Roy's Field Holster

Meanea Poinsettia

We had our doubts for a minute or two when we sat down to pattern this diminutive little J-frame holster. That evaporated within moments. The carving design not only worked but worked spectacularly. Once again Frank Meanea's carving design work hand-in-glove with a Myres design.


Double Shuffle Field Break

Light Mahogany

Roy's Field Break

1 1/2" Straight Cut Belt

Double Shuffle

The Colt Python has been out of production since the 90's. It is getting harder and harder to find holsers for it so we take a certain delight in being able to offer holsters made specifically for it. Roy's Field Break is an excellent holster for those Pythons still being lovingly carried in the field as the revolver recieves generous protection.

The Double Shuffle Border is probably our most requested border. It has been around since the latter quarter of the last century and continues to be well regarded by all nearly a century and a half later. We have certainly put it on our share of holsters. It is sprinkled across the website in the single action and 1911 sections as well as this one.



Natural with black background

Purdy Threepersons without strap


Much though we tried to talk this customer into adding a safety strap, he insisted that he wanted it without. To be honest, the original Threepersons holsters were made without safety straps. They soon turned up with them though! They have been fitted with them since. We show it here not as an example of bad choices but to highlight the beauty of the genre. This is a striking holster. If equipped with some form of a retention mechanism, it would be stellar.






Jim B's Spartacus Holster

British Tan with dark background

Roy's Field, Spartacus variant

Huntington Leaf Floral

The Spartacus holster simply takes some people by storm and Jim was no exception. His holster features the same topband as the original but has a smoothout leather main body. We like it both ways (as well as in the roughout shown in the single action section).