Single Action Buscadero & B-Western

The gun rigs associated with much of the history Hollywood has brought to us by way of the silver screen and television set are mostly figments of some costume designers imagination. The good guys wore outrageous belts with holsters slung from drops no self-respecting working cowboy would ever have used while horseback. That having been said, the gunleather of the motion picture industry and the rigs that spun off from them have their place. Those old oaters inspired us. They led many of us to a love of all things Western. Whether it led us to the true history of the west, to the outstanding firearms associated with it or to a life guided by the rules we learned from those good guy cowboy heroes, the gun rigs are a tangible part of those memories and we are pleased to offer some of them here.
Many of the gun rigs displayed below are collectable items. They are for the individual who wishes to display their engraved and ivory-gripped firearms in style. Most of the more ornate rigs are hugely time intensive in their construction and in the materials used. Please do not consider them as inexpensive.

Old Roy Buscadero RIG

Golden with dark background and bright nickel spots


Double Bohlin-Style Buscadero Belt

Old Roy

We have always been admirers of the holsters and gear used by Roy Rogers. This is our homage to that gear.

Gabby Joe Pete's Buscadero Rig

Black with Golden Whiplace

Gabby Joe Pete Holster

Single Bohlin-style Buscadero Belt

Bohlin 4-Petal Floral

The instructions for making this rig were: "Here's a concho. Build me a gun rig around it to show off an engraved Colt I own. It's gonna be in a shadow box on display."

A B-western flair was desireable so the hunt took us eventually to our old friend Roy Rogers, buried deep in an old commercial for a "Quick Shooter Hat". In that commercial, he wore a black belt with light lacework around the perimeter. Bingo! We went back to our archives and found close-ups of the rig and based our pattern on what we saw. There is always a bit of artistic license in these things. Buscadero Belts vary because the pattern must flow around the drop, billet and cartridge loops. Change a waist measurement, the number of cartridges or the width of the billets and the choreography of the tooling changes. This is why we call the rig the Gabby Joe Pete rather than reference a name based on the original wearer or the toy. It is interpretation rather than replication.

The holster is a very close approximation to the original as far as the pouch and skirt design are concerned. The concho warranted a decorative, gently curved cigar band rather than the simple billet and sterling buckle used on the original. Again, interpretation versus replication.

Due to distance, we show it with a rather ordinary Colt clone. We wish you could see the intended gun. It is stunning.



MuleTown's Buscadero Rig

Black with Red Kangaroo Lace and Cartridge Loops


"Muletown" Buscadero


Our instructions on this buscadero rig were to use parachute spots and to build it black with red lace and an intricate tooling pattern. We added the stitching in red thread to compliment the red lace. The belt cutting pattern was provided from an existing belt from the customer's collection.



Classic Quick Draw

Light Mahogany with a natural lining

Classic Quick Draw

When Westerns ruled the TV screen, the holsters of Arvo Ojalla were everywhere and on everyone. This is our take on one for a 4-5/8. The screw post visible just in front of the grip is not standard but was put there at the request of the customer to keep the holster from moving.

We do not build the steel-lined holsters that Arvo made. Ours are made of heavy leather and will withstand most anything you can throw at them without collapsing.

Hugh O'Brian/Wyatt Earp Buscadero

British Tan

Classic Quick Draw

Ojalla-style Buscadero Belt

This is quite possibly the only gun rig we build where we should have a note attached stating: "You must be this tall to wear this gun rig"! The 10'" Buntline Colt is a formidible piece of hardware to tote at the best of times but when dropped on a buscadero belt, it is a vrtual tangler of knees!
We were asked by a devoted fan of the Wyatt Earp TV series if we could reproduce the gun rig worn by Hugh O'Brian for her personal buntline. It is a classic Arvo rig. We did not install the steel lining, but all else is as close as we could get it.

Derick's Buscadero Rig


Classic Quick Draw with Cigar Band Loop

Ojalla-style Buscadero Belt

Chain & 4-Point Star Border

Not everyone likes the buckle and billet holster loop that is the mark of the Classic TV western good guy rig. Derick asked us if we could swap out the" standard" for a cigar band with his initials on it. We think it makes for a very classy-looking holster!

We also changed the rather square-cut classic billets into more rounded ones. They are not visible, but you can see the basic profile by the stitch line. Derick also requested a bleed knot tab added to the standard hammer loop to fascilitate bringing the loop over the hammer. Much easier on the fingers!

Jack Thompson Buscadero Rig

Light mahogany



Jack Thompson Border

The cartridge loops on this classicly-styled buscadeo rig are sized for .22 long rifle and .22 Magnum at the request of the purchaser. There are a lot of them!

The Ferguson Buscadero Rig

Natural (heavily oiled) with a dark background and chocolate lace

El Paso

El Paso-style Buscadero

1969 El Paso

We are often asked to reproduce gun rigs for people who do not wish to use older, historic holsters or collectible holsters. This was such a case. The customer also wished to add sterling silver appointmemnts to the rig. We were obliged with a beautiful matching set by Ahmad Khan.

Hondo Holster & Money Belt

British tan Holster & Belt Appointments with Natural Roughout Belt Body


Hondo Roughout Money Belt

In Hollywood, until rather recently, the buscadero rig ruled. That's why many people have always been a bit confused about why John Wayne wore the simple holster and money belt he wore through much of his later career. From our undetrstanding of things, he liked it because it was comfortable. We agree. It is an extremely comfortable and practical rig.
We have tried to get our version of this famous rig as close as possible to the original. The buckle is a bit different. Sadly, the manufacturer of the original closed their doors long ago necessitating the substitution.

Working Hand Walk'n'draw

Light Mahogany

Walk'n'Draw Holster


Working Hand Border

Andy A nderson was Arvo Ojalla's shop foreman. When he developed the Walk'n'draw, there is a reason it bore a strong resemblance to the holsters made at his former bosses shop.

The Walk'n'draw in real life was a roughout holster and was raked a good deal more muzzle forward. We can do that but chose to show a smoothout rig with some tooling and less rake instead.

The greatest thing about the walk'n'draw is that the holster is suspended from the top of a wide belt rather than from a 3/4" wide slot. This eliminates a serious weakpoint for the dedicated wearer of low-slung holsters while simultaneously maintaining the low-slung holster ride of the buscadero style. The buscadero must be carefully fit and weight gain or loss or heavier and lighter clothing can alter the placement of the drops -- a very bad thing when muscle memory is critical to the draw! This issue is eliminated in the Walk'n'draw owing to the free movement of the holster on the belt

Spotted Old Roy Holster

Light Mahogany with dark bands and bright nickel spots

B Western

Old Roy Spot Pattern

Some people like spots and dislike carved work. This holster generally makes that kind of person very happy.

And, yes, matching belts are available.

Citizen Kane's Rig

British Tan with dark background and chocolate lace.

Buck Jones

"Citizen Kane"

Buck Jones

When we were contacted about this rig, the instructions were to take the pattern from an existing belt, replicate the belt and then match the tooling to a pair of holsters based on the Bohlin- made rig of Buck Jones. The Buck Jones brand was to be removed and substituted with additional floral work. The entire rig was to be double loop laced around its perimeter and there was to be a series of specifically-spaced cartridge and shotgun loops on the belt. Once again, Ahmad Khan came on board for the project giving us an all-sterling replica of the buckles on the original belt and holster.