Single Action Personal Carry Holsters

One thing that gun people all seem to agree on is that the firearm used for personal carry should be the one with which you are most familiar. Thanks to a resurgence in the Single Action Revolver, it started making sense to use this firearm both as a games player and as a carry piece. As a result, we offer some "modern" solutions. Please also look at the Slim Jim section within the Single Action section. Many of the field holsters holsters there are also well-suited for personal carry. We also recommend a peak at the Single Actions Chest and Shoulder section for other appropriate options.

Rose Pancake Holster



Tommy's Rose

We fight a constant battle with guys who think that for some reason floral work isn't manly. We're not sure where this comes from. It is a documented fact that some of the most prized western collectibles are those which are heavily embellished. Old catalogues further document the popularity of floral-carved holsters and saddles. It is also a documented fact that the rose was thoroughly exploited. It appears in many forms. The cabbage rose is probably the most popular with modern trends toward the more wild rose-like copper rose. The domestic beauty rose is also seen in a variety of forms. We happen to like this one very much and were delighted when a customer asked if we could do his personal carry holster this way in honor of his wife -- who happens to be named Rose.

We make our pancake holsters with a flat back. This allows them a closer fit to your body for greater concealment and comfort.


Light Mahogany on Natural Roughout


The IWB shown here is patterned in the same style as our semi-auto IWB's. We make them in a crossdraw style ( as shown here) or with a classic FBI rake. Straight-up is also available. The belt loops are sized and matched to the belt to eliminate one-size-fits-nothing racking issues which can be very annoying while carrying all day.

Duffy O'Doone's Derringer Rig

Light Mahogany

Derringer Field Holster

1-3/4" Ranger

Celtic Twist and Beehive Border

The derringer has always been a hideout gun. Women carried them in muffs and reticules or in discreet garments, men in a vest pocket. Nowadays we don't have quite so many pockets (and reticules aand muffs are considered unfashionable). Those pockets we do have also seem to be crammed with stuff. Stuff in a pocket plus a derringer are generally bad companions so it made sense to consider a holster to carry one during day-to-day tasks.




Fishscale with Ocean Wave & Beehive Border

This pancake holster is pretty much the same as the one at the top of the page but for the tooling pattern and the ride. The ride here is a much higher one than above. As a result, the general shape of the paddle is different while the pouch for the firearm remains contant.