S.A. Flap and Half Flap Holsters

In a world where open topped personal carry holsters dominte the industry, the flap and half flap holster seem to have become the forgotten step-children of the industry. We happen to have a great fondness for them. Not only are they historically important, but it is very hard to argue with a holster which was designed for use in the field under every environmental condition imaginable. They may be cumbersome and slow to draw from, but they are unsurpassed in protecting a valuable firearm. As such, they have earned a respected place within these pages.

Hamley Full Flap Holster


Round Flap Holster

Hamley with Buckaroo Loop Border

This holster was made for the new Ruger Bearcat with adjustable rear sight. You'll have to take our word for it that one is actually in there.

Full coverage is what flap holsters do. It is the ideal holster to put on your hip to protect a firearm through the stresses of an evil environment. When the toe is stitched through or plugged, it is also the ideal holster for those times when packing it in your back pack is better than packing on your belt or for those occassions when a backup gun or a firearm in a different calibre than your primary is a wonderful thing. Good firearms are worth the added protection of the flap. It beats wrapping them in an old sock!


Huntington Full Flap Holster

Light Mahogany

Round Flap Holster

Huntigton Leaf Floral

Roy Huntington, the famed "His Editorship" of "American Handgunner" magazine talks me into doing stuff. This holster was one of them. It too was built for the Ruger Bearcat with adjustable rear sights. A tad fancier than the one appearing above but a very nice match to a belt we made for him in the past. Some might call this a bit of overkill for a .22. Maybe. But since we can build this for pretty much anything we have gun dummies for, maybe not.

And before you think we are entirely out of our minds, do feel free to tell us if you want some other pattern. We can accomodate pretty much anything you can throw at us. Do not constrain yourself to what you see.


M&W Half Flap

Light Mahogany

Half Flap

1849 Main & Winchester Floral with Repeating 9's Border

The US military adopted a half flap holster which served them well through the Indian Wars period and continued to be issued as a military revolver holsters into the Vietnam era. We have made it in a streamlined civilian version. It is an outstanding field holster which can be turned ito an open top holster merely by tucking the flap in behind the belt. It is also an extremely quiet holster. If one is sneaking up on something during a hunt, the last noise you want to make is the snap, pock or rip noises that snaps, button studs or velcro can make.

Borderstamped Half Flap Holster

Antique Brown

Half Flap

Chain & 4-Point Star Border

This is pretty much an identical holster to the one above. We simply show it in a borderstamped version.

Heiser 738

British Tan with dark background and white rawhide lace

Heiser 738

Furstnow of Hollywood (cut border)

This flap holster is patterned on the old Heiser 738 holster. The flap has a scalloped contour which differs from that of the flap holsters at the top of the page. The flow lines in the carving pattern are all Heiser but we have substituted the floral elements from a Furstnow of Hollywood holster into those lines. Heiser's flap holster were always beautifully structured. Their carved ones had signature flow lines which are still as beautiful today as in the day when Heiser was a strong and dominating presense in North American holster manufacturing. This holster is raked grips forward about 15 degrees and is dropped for a more efficient draw. When worn, the top of the grip frame is at the top of the belt. There is a toe plug and a removeable tie-down. The main seam is laced with white rawhide goat.