S.A. Mexican Loop Holsters

Doc Tuesday "Steeley" Holster

British Tan with Dark Background


Elko Rose Floral with Sunset Border (Doc Tuesday Floral)

This holster is a combination of a number of our holsters so we threw up our hands and simply named it a "Steeley" after the fellow who ordered it. The features are that it is dropped into a low ride that places the top quarter of the grip just above the belt. It has a "speed cut" in behind the trigger to facilitate the draw. The skirt is narrow enough to be sleek but not so narrow as to not be showy. And finally, the diamond-shaped cigar band with its buckaroo concho lend a splash of flash.


Borderstamped Texas Jock Strap

Golden with chocolate lace

Texas Jock Strap

Chain & 4-Point Star Border

We had the great good fortune to become friends with a fellow who had actually worked for Sam Myres after WWII. We were tickled with his comments on this holster whose development is attributed to Sam: "The day Sam invented that jock strap holster, he had WAY too much time on his hands!" We got the feeling by that that he may not have cared much for that particular holster. Many people do. The fact that originals are highly sought-after collectables is ample proof. The" tri-loop" as we have heard "proper" folks refer to it, has been offered in many forms from clunky & squarish to excepionally streamlined ones. Ours is somewhere in the middle offering a nice, symmetrical profile which does not overwhelm the holster.
The holster in the photo is fully whip-laced. Originals were often laced, sometimes with full double loop lace, sometimes with just a whiplace along the mainseam. Many were stitched and we offer these however you wish.

Yes, from the 1920'2 through 1950's

Dakota Doc Martin's Gun Rig

Havana with British Tan Appointments, brass spots and Mexican Peso Concho

Texas Jock Strap

3' Gunfighter with Tulip Bulb Billets

Holster: Dakota Doc Spotted Border
Billets: 4-Petal Rose and Scroll
Holster Loop: Scroll

Here is another of our jock strap holsters with a nice Hollywood cum Southwest sort of a feel. Mexican pesos were common gringo decorations on bits, spurs and other gear so this is very appropriate to the time and piece. It is shown here with a straightcut belt, but would be a good candidate for a buscadero belt as well. Jock Strap holsters appeared on both styles.

Modern 1930's to 50's and beyond



Colorado Rose 3/4 Skirt Gun Rig

Light Mahogany

SC Gallop 3/4 Skirt

2-1/2" Money Belt

Holster: Colorado Rose with Repeating 9's Border
Billets: 1890 Main & Winchester Floral with Reap[eating 9's Border
Belt Body: Ocean Wave Border

This is a period-correct style for 1880 - 1940. The pouch,skirt and loops are patterned the same way as our "SC Gallup" (page 1). We have left the skirt short rather than bringing it to the bottom of the muzzle. This was traditional. The holster has also been stitched throughout while our "SC Gallup was whiplaced up the main seam. Both treatments are period correct.

Yes, from the 1920'2 through 1940's for tooling style, earlier by cut of holster




Working Hand Walk'n'draw Gun Rig

Light Mahogany



Working Hand Border

The 50's saw changes in gun leather as the sport of Quick Draw became popular. One of the rigs that came out of that era came from the shop of Any Anderson. This was the Walk'n'draw. The original was roughout with a lazy loop stitched pattern. Ours is shown with our ever-popular working hand border and yes, other patterns are available. We have also chosen to use oval cart buckles rather than the traditional square buckles. The Walk'n'draw offes advantages over the buscadero (drop loop) styles in that it is less expensive and easier to fit. The holsters can be easily moved so that weight gain or loss or the transition from light to heavy clothing is not a problem. The holster is also suspended from the top of the belt rather than from a narrow slot so the holstered firearm is more stable and the belt less prone to breaking down.

Modern, mid 1950's to present




Borderstamped Walk'n'draw

Light Mahogany


Celtic Twist with Bugle & Beartooth Border

When it comes down to it, many of our customers cannot use a high-riding Mexican Loop Holster. Creaky, arthritic or injured shoulders, elbows and wrists sometimes simply will not cooperate. The crossdraw offers a solution, but sometimes it is not as desireable as lowering the drop of the holster so it continues to ride on the strong side.. The Walk'N'Draw drop can be applied to many of the classic holsters to make them functional. This one shows the standard drop. Koda Joe's (below) shows a slightly less dramatic drop on a "Buck Jones" style holster. When we know how you need to draw your Colt, we can place the holster where you need it. Rake can also be adjusted as needed for either preference or performance.

Modern, mid 1950's to present




Spotted Target Gun Rig

Light Mahoganywith brass spots

Great Plains

3" Taper

Spotted Target Border

One of the most frequent comments we receive on this gun rig is about how it seems to spirit people back to the heady days of their childhood where the Mattel Fanner 50 and a boxful of roll caps made riding along with Paladin or the Cartwrights or Rowdy Yates purely exciting. We think it's because of that big loop with the Texas star concho and the ring of spots that pulls them in. Those were simpler times for sure. Let us harken back.

More or less. The Texas star concho takes it into modern era. The rig itself would have been welcomed anywhere from 1900 on.





Light Mahogany with dark background

Buck Jones

3" Gunfighter with Bohlin-style Billets

Buck Jones

This is our version of the Buck Jones Rig set up on a straightcut belt. (For a buscadero version see the SA Buscadero section). We stayed true to the original holster shape. The tooling varies from the original one made by Bohlin in that the Buck Jones brand was replaced with floral work. The customer asked to have the lining in behind the holster tooled, another departure from the original.

Yes, 1920's to 1950's and beyond.









Koda Joe's Gun Rig

British Tan with dark Background

Buck Jones without loop

3-1/2" Gunfighter Belt with Tulip Bulb Billets

Harmann Floral

This is a full-carved belt and holster set. To show strong flow lines throughout the holster pouch, the loop normally found on skirted holsters was eliminated. To fancy things up further, the lining in back of the grips was carved and a small hole was punched in the center of each cartridge loop to show brass or nickel. The holster is raked muzzle forward about 15 degrees and has been dropped so that the center of the grip rides approximately at the bottom of the belt.

1950's to present