Single Action Slim Jims

Visalia Threepersons Rig

Light Mahogany


3" Web Belt with Dog Buckle

Visalia Bud with Buckaroo Loop Border

We saw this carving style on a Visalia Stock Saddle Company saddle and thought it might lookkinda cool adapted to a holster. The pattern was 1920's era so we figured it might look keen on a Threeperson's holster -- a good candidate having been developed in the 20's. We chose to fit it with a web belt with a brass dog buckle, maybe a hair outdated for the work, but not out of place for looks or function.

1920's and beyond

Myres threeperson

British Tan


Myres K-Frame Floral

Sam Myres died before Ruger came up with it's diminutive little Bearcat. It took Ruger even longer to come up with a version with moveable sights. We knew that when they did, the Threepersons holster would be a fitting match for that revolver. Our version is carved with a Myres inspired floral. We hope Sam would have approved.We are discovereing that many of our customers like the patterns from older vintage holster on their modern gun leather. This is one such holster combining 1890 and the 21st century.

This might be for a Bearcat, but we can make it bigger for whatever you wish to holster.

1920's to present




McCambria Holster

Light Mahogany with white rawhide whiplace

McCambria Field Holster

Colorado Floral

Our instructions on this holster were to combine a variety of elements from several holsters to come up with something new and eye-pleasing. The floral tooling is bold and the lacework along the mainseam striking. Need we say more?




Northern Plains Ennis Field Holster

British Tan

Ennis Field with Hammer Tab

1890's Northern Plains Floral with Ocean Wave Border

We are discovereing that many of our customers like the patterns from older vintage holster on their modern gun leather. This is one such holster combining 1890 and the 21st century.





Dave's Ennis Field Holster


Ennis Field

1-1/2" Straightcut

Holster: Hamley with Sunset and Celtic Twist Border

Belt: Celtic Twist with Sunset Border

We have always liked the way the Hamley Geometric looks on a holster. The combination with the borders and the lines within the Ennis holster pleased us very much. This was a match to a sheath in our Modern Knife Sheaths section.






Joe's Elk Holster

Light Mahogany

Roy's Field Holster with Hammer Loop

Oak Leaf with Elk Motif

Some of our customers talk us into doing things we don't like. Oak leaves are about the last pattern we enjoy doing -- up until this holster. When you are asked by a well-respected gunsmith like Joe Chambers to do oak leaves, well... one simply rethinks the entire concept and comes up with something that makes everyone happy. We have been struggling with oak leaves since we started carving. Everyone else liked what we were doing. Frankly, we were gagged out by the whole oak leaf and acorn deal.. Until this holster. Once we figured out what needed to be done to create flow lines from the somewhat chaotic elements, the rest was easy. We think it is one of our most eye-pleasing holsters yet.

This holster diverges a bit from the standard Roy's Field in that it has a toe plug.




Scroll Threepersons

British Tan



This is another holster that made us feel good about our work. It was created for the Shooting Masters Charity event in 2013 as a companion piece for a Ken Kelly Mag-Na-Ported Ruger Blackhawk Hunter which he chopped to 4-3/4" and worked his special magic on.

The carving pattern marks it as a very modern Threepersons holster.











Old El Paso Threepersons

British Tan


Old El Paso Floral with Ocean Wave Border.

This is old El Paso meeting Old El Paso at its best. The El Paso floral is a mid-century Texas style, very complentary to the holster.

1950'S - 1960'S




Frank's Holster

Dark Mahogany

Old California

Ocean Wave Border.

The Ocean Wave Border is one of our signature borders. The tools harken from the turn of the past century but are correct for a much earlier time. Many holsters of the middle to late 1800's were borderstamped or had machine rolled edges. Afetr all, it was the height of the Victorian era and there was no such a thing as too much decoration! Stamped borders were a way to add that touch of bling without breaking the bank.

This is only one of many border patterns we offer. Please feel free to choose any of the ones that appear on the website. We will be pleased to make them work for you.

1850's to 1900's and beyond




lloyd's Rig

British Tan

Heiser Fastdraw with Hammer Tab

3" Gunfighter

Ocean Flame Border

No matter what pleasures you pursue while wearing a gun, this rig would certainly deck you out in style. The slim jim pouch is minimalist, hung with a grips back rake that works for a fast draw or for a crossdraw depending on wearing position. The border is one of our signature patterns. No arguing. It is an elegant looking rig any single action would be proud to call home.





Roy's 1849'er-Carved Holster

Antique Brown

Roy's Field Holster with Hammer Tab

1849 Main & Winchester Floral with Running S & Repeating 9's Border

This is a holster that surprised us. We knew it would be a nice holster when we started it but were not quite prepared for how eye-pleasing it turned out to be. Judging by the reactions of customers, this is one we should have done long ago.





California Sunset Holster

Light Mahogany

Old California

Sunset Border

Essentially, this is the same as the 1851 in Old California style..

Yes. 1850's to 1880's and beyond








Working Hand Rig

Light mahogany


1-3/4" Ranger

Working Hand Border

The Working Hand Border has been around since Wyatt Earp and his days in Dodge City. It was used by many makers over the course of many decades. Easy to do, reasonably inexpensive for the customer compared to other styles of embellishment and darned good looking. We get a lot of requests for it on old tymey as well as modern gun leather. It turns up in these pages on everything from Cowboy Rigs to modern 1911 rigs.


Yes. 1850's to 1900 and beyond.