About Purdy Gear

Purdy Gear (SASS Life 33315) is the alias of Karla Van Horne a well-respected and versatile craftsman who brings 43years of experience to the bench. She currently operates a full custom leather good shop in Jasper, Georgia.
Full custom means exactly that. Karla is not only well-versed in the art and mechanics of holster fit and function but is capable of creating all manner of leather goods from belts to riding accessories. (About the only items she does not produce are saddles, clothing and boots.) She is an accomplished carver and stamper as well as an excellent constructionist. She also brings to the bench an understanding of ergonomics and physiology. The net result�leather pieces which are not only outstanding for their beauty and finish but which fit the person or object they are intended for. Karla is also something of a history nut and is capable of reproducing museum quality goods spanning the years 1850 to modern.
Beyond floral carving, Karla is also a figure carver. Her renderings of animals (many in full color) are accurate and realistic down to the hair. She is also an accomplished braider.
Her client list covers the globe and includes everyone from �just plain folks� to Hollywood superstars. Several museums and private collections include her work and she is the 1989 recipient of the prestigious Al Stohlman Award for Leathercraft, the youngest individual to have ever been so honored.