"Available Now" is new to this site. We have been approached by a number of customers who do not wish to have something custom built but still wish to purchase some of our work. There are also those who simply have no desire to wait for us to build them a piece or those who have specific dates for which gifts must be bought. No matter what your needs, we offer these pieces. Many are prototypes for items we have created and appear in other places on this website. Many others were created for display on our tables at shows highlighting our work. Holsters are presented as either singles or doubles with an option to purchase a matching custom belt if no belt is available. All pieces are priced. If you wish to order or if you have questions, please phone us at 706-692-5536.

Sig 938 Water Lily Pancake

Light Mahogany

This compact pancake holster carries the SIG 938 in a very concealable little package. The slots are 1-1/2" wide set in a medium riding FBIcant. The water lily design might not be all that common on a holster, but we have noted a strong affection for it among the cowboy saddlemakers and offer our version of it here.

$300.00 (Gun not included)

"Okanogan Shooting Sticks



Light Mahogany Leather on Oiled Cherry

A number of years back, we were contacted by a gent who was an ardent long-distance shooter. He had a new design for a set of shooting sticks that would not only act as a steady rest for a weapon working on virtually any type of ground -- even rocky --but which would provide enhanced accuracy, safety and control of recoil . Our part of it was to design and manufacture the leather parts for him.

The images to the side show the sticks when shooting from the seated position. The connecting strap is fully adjustable to allow shooting prone and for variables in height. This strap also doubles as a convenient shoulder strap for carrying to the range or in the field. Please double-click on the top image to see more photos of the sticks in use with other weapons.


COST: $125.00 plus shipping. (Sorry... people, guns and other accessories NOT included!)




"Wind" Socks (Vernier sight covers)

For those of you who still like to do a bit of long range shooting with vernier-style rear sights, we offer these sight bags to keep dust and corruption from affecting your delicate dial-in's. The bag is held in place with a long string secured to the bag with a classy little Chinese button knot. To see it on a rifle, please double click on the picture and you will be taken to a shot of the original on it's owner's Sharps. Not only did WInd help us in the design of these functional little sight bags, but he lent us his name!

We stock them for medium and long range Soule, Creedmore and similar style verniers sights in a variety of colors. Our stock sight bags are all edged with our Working Hand border as shown.


Carved Taper Belt

British Tan

This 1-1/4" belt is carved with a classic western Huntington Leaf pattern. It tapers to 3/4" and is fully lined. The buckle is sterling overlay and is robust enough for day-to-day wear. It is sized 40-1/2" from the buckle to the center hole (or 40" of strap plus the buckle if you happen to measure that way.)


J-Frame Pocket Holster

This is a roughout pocket holster. Our original pocket holsters date back some 20 years now and we get the occassional call from guys who bough them back then asking us when they'll wear out! This one is sized for the S&W J-frame and will work for similar-framed Taurus and Charter Arms revolvers.

$70.00 (revolver not included)

"SCamp" and "Trail Scamp" Honing Blocks

Will vary depending on stock on hand

When we deal with knives, we like 'em sharp. Really sharp! That head knife, top right is probably the most dangerous tool in the shop. A dull one of these bad boys will still cut you bad and deep. Consequently, we have been advocates of not only good sharpening stones but also to the strop or honing block. The purpose of these is not to sharpen but to polish or hone the blade. We present ours in 2 formats, both double sided. One side is rough for initial polishing and the other is smooth for those final licks that turn a nice edge into a truly sharp one. The larger has a working surface of 2-3/4" x 6" and the smaller is 1-3/4" x 5-3/4". The larger is suited for large knives, plane irons, chisels and other tools with larger faces. The smaller "trail scamp" is something easily transported in a tool box, tackle box or in a pack. They are shown "unloaded". Traditionally, it is left to the user to load the rough side with the buffing compound of their choice, red, green, brown or even diamond paste depending on what finish is desired. We recommend a bit of mineral oil applied to the leather to help the compound get in deep. It will take 2 or 3 applications to get the desired amount of compound on the hone. Results will be best then with occassional reloading required.

Large Scamp: $30.00

Trail Scamp: $20.00 (knives not included)

Sharkskin Buck 110 "Break" Sheath

Chocolate Shark

Now that we have started working with shark, we've had to come up with some ideas on how to use up the bits that aren't big enough to build into holsters or belts. This little knife sheath is made specifically for the Buck 110. We show two. The one on the left is a bit smoother and heavier (the skin is from the tail section) while the other has a bit more pattern and is slightly lighter in weight. The sheaths are of a thumbreak design, meaning that the thumb hits the snap tab toward the body and then the knife is drawn up through the safety strap. This gives solid retention as there is nothing on the front of the sheath that can be grabbed to unsnap the strap by accident.

$150.00 each (Knife not included)

Sunset & Furstnow CheyennE Holster

This is a borderstamped version on the classic holsters built in the Cheyenne area. It has a lower drop than the original and is canted very slightly forward. This one is for a 5-5/8" New Ruger Vaquero. It will also fit a 5-1/2' Colt though the fit on the latter will be slightly loose.

The holster is equipped with a toe plug and with the quintessential hammer thong for retention. The border is the Sunset outer border on a central Furstnow border on an inner Beartooth.

$225.00 each (revolver not included)

Pocket Speedloader

The problem with chunking a speedloader into a pocket is that there are other things chunked in there as well. Bullets get nicked and items can be wedged between and around rounds which might prevent speedy emergency reloading. This little roughout pocket sits comfortably in the bottom of a pocket keeping the speedloader in an upright and accessible position.

We generally try to keep this in stock for both J and K-frame Smith and Wesson revolvers and for the D-framed Colt Detective Special.

$40.00 (speedloaders not included)

Basketstamped "Brill" Belt

Light Mahogany

When it comes to the basketstamp, one of the masters was AW Brill. He preferred very small basketstamps and ran them in line with the length of the belt rather in the more modern tradition of running at an angle accross the width. That combination makes for a striking belt. This on is a taper style, 1-1/2" wide tapering to 1" in the billets. It is made to fit a 41-1/2" waist (measurement is to the center hole and includes the buckle).


Giraffe Belt

As shown, Giraffe skin

Up to now, we have never seen giraffe skin. Our understanding of the skin's history is that the herds are being attacked by a virus which causes lesions on the legs, leaving the giraffe in horrible pain and facing death. The afflicted animals are being euthanized by park rangers in order to stop the spread of the disease.What skins are sound are tanned comemercially and the proceeds go back to taking care of the herds. More we do not know.

The skin itself is interesting. It is chrome tanned and has a soft, slightly napped feeling similar to nubuck. Giraffes are fighters and there are some natural scratches and thorn cuts. These are considered favorably by people who like odd exotics.

The belt offered here is heavy enough to carry a gun and holster. (Yes, we have enough to make matching holsters.) It is 1-1/4" wide and 42-1/2" in length countiong from the end of the buckle to the center hole. The buckle and keeper are solid brass.


Askins for Full-Size Coonan


Okay.... the gun blank shown is not exactly the prettiest on this planet, but considering that we don't have a real Coonan, this is as good as it gets.

The Askins style is a good one for the Coonan. This s for a full-sized and is a leftie. It is raked in a classic high riding FBI tilt and will fit a 1-1/2" belt. Yes, we do occassionally do things that are plain.

$165.00 (pistol blank not included)

Belle'S War Props

Light Mahogany

These two items were used in a video for something called "Belle's War", a sort of sci-fi cosplay sort of western that apparently never got off the ground. Nonetheless, they actually had some decent concepts on the props for the lead. This was part of Belle's wardrobe. the 2 pieces are an Idaho Roy loop holster and a matching boot sheath. The knife is a Puma Hunter's Pal with a stag handle. Both pieces are mildly distressed (to show "trail" wear) and have had the finish deglazed so that it will not burn the camera under intensive studio lighting.

Holster :$325.00 (revolver not included)

Knife Sheath & Knife: $325.00

Shrunken Bufallo Belt

We will admit that we are not normally attracted to American Bison Hide. Most of it does not suit what we make so we tend to avoid it. This skin is an exception. Its grain is "shrunken" giving it that deep, wrinkled appearance. It is a deep mid brown. Looking at it closely you can see there are darker and lighter shades of the same color. The skin is also what is known in the industry as "pullup" meaning that when bent, the color turns a lighter giving the impression that it is distressed. Everyone we have shown the skin to has been completely convinced that we are on the right track with it.

This belt was our 1st using the material, a test of its working properties which turned out to be outstanding. Measured without the buckle, the strap is 40" long to the center hole. With the buckle, it goes to 41-1/2". It is 1-1/2" wideand heavy enough to be a gun belt. It is fit with a matte nickel buckle which approximates the look of brushed stainless steel.

Yes, we are going to be building holsters with this skin to match.


Borderstamped Old California Holster

Light Mahogany

There is something pleasing about the elegance of a long-barreled revolver. There is none more elegant than the 1860 Army and the 1851 Navy. This holster will fit either one The rake is straight up with the top of the belt line just above the top of the hammer. The loop is sized to accomodate up to a 2-1/4" belt. . The border is our signature Ocean Wave design.

$225.00 (revolver not included)


The original for these pokes came from the gold fields of Colorado. Today they are about as useful as anything we can think of. Great for keeping stuff like earplugs and the like handy at the range (or for keeping brass and live rounds separate, for toting your valuables or cash or whatever you need to keep in one place). They start out a bit stiff but are buttery soft in no time. Once in that state, you'll guard it against covetous relatives and friends!

We generally make these of either goat (natural) or kangaroo (shown available here in a very dark, almost black chocolate brown, red and nutmeg) We try to keep them in stock at all times -- though we don't always have all colors at all times.

Goat: $35.00, Kangaroo: $40.00

Huntington Border Cartridge Belt

British Tan

This belt is a 2" wide Ranger style with a borderstamped body and 1" wide billets. It is sized to fit a 39" waist or hip. There are 20 cartridge loops for either .44 or .45 centered in the back. The buckle is solid brass and the tooling pattern is the Huntington Border.


Business Card Case


If you have evr encountered that dilemna of what to get for the person who seems to have everything or what to give to the boss or a respected business associate, the business card case is a sure win. It holds 10 or 12 cards and slips comfortably and neatly into pocket or purse.

$175.00 each

Double Mag Pouch


If you are concerned about keeping your 1911 magazines safe yet accessible while in the field or on the street, a flapped mag pouch is a good answerr. This one is full carved with a Repeating 9's border. It is designed to carry standard 7 or 8 round mags without bumpers. (if it hangs out of the mag well by more than 1/8", your mags are too long.


POCKET HOLSTERs For Glock 42 or 43

Natural Roughout

The newest Glocks on the block are perfect candidates for pocket holster. We show one picture to cover both as appearance-wise they are virtually identical but for size. (The 43 is slightly larger.) The leather against the gun is smooth. These are loose-fitting holsters set up to keep the firearm safe and in proper position within a pocket. Please specify whether you wish to have a 42 or a 43. We will send you the correct holster.

$70.00 (pistol not included)