Shooting Accessories

Shooting accessories cover a wide array of items from pouches for magaziness and speedloaders to our shooting sticks.

Single Flapped Mag Pouch


Marquis and 435 Border

There are situations where a flap on a magazine case is a good idea. After all, keeping a mag on you under strenuous exertion, while in the field or simply to make it look less threatening are good concepts depending on your carry circumstances. This is the flat-bottomed version. We also make it with a round bottom for a less threatening profile. Tell us what you need and we'll be happy to make you what you need -- and to match it up with your other gear.


Ranger Single Clip Pouch



This amg pouch, designed to be worn on the point of the weak side hip throws the clip back to speed reloading. The slot is tailored to your belt to prevent movement. This one is shown carved to match our Arizona Rose design. We can match it out to any color or pattern you desire.


Double Standard Flapped Mag Pouch

Light Mahogany

Hamley with Eberle Border

For folks who like to carry two clips but access them individually, this is a great choice. This one is a flat-bottomed style. We also make one with the bases of each case gently rounded.Ours are made with a lined back/flap and are tailored to your belt width. This one is shown with button studs but they are also available with snaps. As usual, we would be pleased to match up your gear.


Denver Double


Denver Floral with Repeating 9's border

If you like a traditionally-styled clip case, this is an elegant choice. This particular one was built as a companion piece for our Denver Halfbreed holster (see 1911 section on this site). It is accompanied by a matching 1 1/2" waistbelt


112th Double

British Tan


This case is the mate for the 112th Field holster shown in our 1911 section. It is a smaller and narrower version of the Denver Double in that it was made for the much smaller and narrower clips of the Colt 1903/1908. We show it not only as the mate of the 112th Field but to illustrate that we can indeed match things up when called upon to do so.


Open Round -Bottom MAg Case

Light Mahogany

Beehive and Double Rams Curl Border

This clip case was designed to give a complimentary retro flavor to Wild Bunch and Retro Fioeld style sets. While we don't show it (for the time being anyway!), we can also do these as open topped singles or with flaps as either singles or doubles. Simply tell us what style and tooling pattern your rig requires.


Maricopa Flower Round -Bottom MAg Case

Light Mahogany


At 1st glance this looks like a carved variation on the theme of the same pouch presented above. if you look closely. you can see that the pouch is deeper. This case not only gives your magazines less exposure but there is a lot more leather over them to both protect and retain. a nice option should you need it.


Dump pouch

Light Mahogany

Lawrence Retro

For thjose of you unfamiliar with the concept of the dump pouch, double click on the photo and you will be taken to another photo of it in the open position. Basically, a dump pouch is a simple cartridge case which flips open side down to put loose rounds or rounds in a Tuff Strip into your hand. This is a bit slower but a lot less cumbersome that carrying a speedloader. It also eliminates the worry encountered when trying to get a speedloader past overlarge grips. The other bonus is that its appearance is more that of a lighter pouch or some other small case rather than something more intimidating.


Pocket Speedloader Pouch

Natural Roughout


Speedloaders work. The problem is that when you chunk one in a pocket, they get bumpad and banged andall the other things you chunk in get lodged between the cartridges with potentially bad results when emergencies arise. This little pouch sits comfortably upright in your pocket protecting your pocket and your cartridges. We make them for the J-frame, K-frame and for the Colt Detective Special (D-frame).


Vernier Sight Bags (aka "Wind Socks")

Medium Range Sight Bags

Left to Right: Natural, British Tan, Light Mahogany, Havana

Long Range Sight Bags

Left to Righ: British Tan, Light Mahogany, Havana, Black

Working Hand

For those of you who still like to do a bit of long range shooting with vernier-style rear sights, we offer these sight bags to keep dust and corruption from affecting your delicate dial-in's. The bag is held in place with a long string secured to the bag with a classy little Chinese button knot. To see it on a rifle, please double click on the picture and you will be taken to a shot of the original on it's owner's Sharps. Not only did WInd help us in the design of these functional little sight bags, but he lent us his name!

We stock them for medium and long range Soule, Creedmore and similar style vernier sights in a variety of colors. We can also add initials or a name or borderstamp and carve them to suit your fancy.


Okanogan Shooting Sticks

Light Mahogany Leather on Oiled Cherry

A number of years back, we were contacted by a gent who was an ardent long-distance shooter. He had a new design for a set of shooting sticks that would act both as a steady rest for a firesrm which would work on virtually any type of ground -- even rock! --and which would provide enhanced accuracy, safety and control of recoil . Our part of it was to design and manufacture the leather parts for him.

The images to the side show the sticks used from the seated position. The connecting strap is fully adjustable to allow shooting prone and for variables in height. This strap also doubles as a convenient shoulder strap for carrying to the range or in the field. Please double-click on the image to see more photos of the sticks in use with other weapons.














Cartridge Slide

Golden with Dark Brown Background

Denver Floralwith repeating 9's border

Cartridge slides are a versatile answer to the problem of weapons that are of the same frame size but different calibres. They are also a good way to carry rifle rounds in the field on a pistol belt. The decoration is limited by the width of the belt. In this case, the slide was made for a 3" belt so there is plenty of room for decoration. Narrower slides present less space for decoration.

We make these to suit your needs, your aesthetics and your belt.


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