Doc Dickerson’s Rig

Light Mahogany

Modified Meanea

Money Belt with "Tulip Bulb" Billets

Holster: Meanea Poinsettia with Repeating 9's Border

Belt: Billets: "Old California", Main Belt Panel :Ocean Wave Border

This is a almost faithful reproduction of the classic Meanea Cheyenne-style holster from the front cover of "Packing Iron". The "almost" stems from the throat area. It has been cut down at trigger and cylinder to fascilitate a faster draw than the original.



Classic Quick Draw

Light Mahogany

Classic Quick Draw Holster

1950's Buscadero Belt


This is the quintessential holster of the 50’s & 60’s TV western. It features an exposed trigger and a low cut over the cylinder and is fitted to allow the cylinder to spin freely in the holster. There is a screw post “lock down” to keep movement at the belt to a minimum. It also has a leg tie down.



Hoosier's Gun Rig

Golden with dark background

Texas Jock Strap

Gunfighter with Tulip Bulb Billets

Holster: Old El Paso with Repeating 9'sBorder

Belt Billets: Old El Paso carving with Repeating 9's Border, Belt Body: Chain & 4-point Star Border

The holster pouch and loop are configured in a manner consistent with many Texas Jock Strap Holsters. It is dropped very low to facilitate a quicker draw.







Duffy O’Doone


Duffy O'Doone 3/4 Skirt Holster

Double beehive and Snakehead Meander border.

This holster is raked muzzle forward approximately 15 degrees and has been dropped so that the center of the grip frame is at the top of the belt. It has a fully-exposed trigger and is cut low on the cylinder with a slender, open toe. The loop is very wide giving it a business-like yet sleek appearance.




Fastdraw HOLSTER

Light Mahogany

Cowboy Fast Draw

Ocean Flame Border

This is a slim jim holster. It has an amorphously shaped pouch and toe plug typical of later-day holsters. While this style of holster can happily function in the field or for SASS it was specifically designed to comply to the rules for holsters in the sport of Cowboy Fast Draw. It is raked 15 degrees muzzle forward.




Mark Flint’s Rig

Light Mahogany

Modified HF Brimstone Slim Jim

3-Piece Taper Belt

Holster: Double Shuffle

Belt: (all parts) Double Shuffle

This holster’s pouch is identical to the more traditional HF Brimstone holster with the exception that it is cut lower on the cylinder and has a fully-exposed trigger guard. These modifications allow the pistol to clear leather easier. The 25 degree muzzle forward rake makes for a very comfortable crossdraw. The extra-fancy hammer thong is formed from braided kangaroo lace with a tassel of brown horsehair capped with a pineapple knot. This is not a traditional hammer loop.


Miz Pitty’s Rig

Light Mahogany

Duke Halfbreed Holster


Double Shuffle border

A plainer version of this holster is the style that "The Duke" carried through most of his later movies. This one has a 15 degree muzzle forward configuration. The belt is a gunfighter style with full border stamping rather than the roughout with plain, smooth billets and cartridge loops as the original was.


Outlaw Gun Rig

Light Mahogany

Modified Duke Halfbreed Holster with Exposed Trigger

Taper belt

Furstnow with Bugle border

This holster is identical to our standard Duke halfbreed style with the exception that it has the trigger area fully cut away. This is an exceptionally fast holster.






POcono Kid


Light Mahogany

Pocono Kid Slim Jim

3-piece Taper belt

Chain & 4-point star Border

While the pouch style on this holster is typical for late 1800’s slim jims, the loop is not. It has a serious “drop” plus a modest 10 degree muzzle flip to facilitate an easy draw. The trigger guard area has been cut down front and back to fully expose the trigger. This cut was prominent in holsters built by the Heiser saddlery in the early 1900’s.