Knife Sheaths

We have a long-standing history of making quality belt and boot sheaths for both period and modern knives. Whether you wish to coordinate a sheath with one of our gun rigs or with your existing gear, or whether you simply need a sheath for a knife which has none, send us the knife and we can get the job done. All our sheaths are built to exacting standards with security and safety to both knife and wearer in mind.

B'Ville Bandit'sSheath


Boot knife sheath. The clip on this boot is formed from a spoon provided by the customer. We keep a modest supply of suitable handles on hand if you don't wish to provide one.

Monte and Beartooth Border


Hunter Sheath

British Tan

Hunter pouch

Basketstamp within Marquis and Celtic Twist Border

This sheath is the mate to our Hunter style field holster. The buckle allows for easy on and off when other itens are on the belt. Most knives can be accomodated in a sheath of this stye. Knives with wide guards may need a safety strap for retention purposes.

Ennis Sheath

Light Mahogany


Meanea Braid

The main seam of this sheath has been contoured slightly to accomodate the knife's small guard.

Greg's Liberty Sheath

Light Mahogany


Maricopa Flower

Many of our customers ask about matching items. We can generally easilyaccomodate these requests.

Carolina Kid’s Sheath

Dark Mahogany

Old Timer Full Pouch. This sheath is built similar to the regular Old Timer sheath with the exception that the pouch is deeper, capturing and protecting not just the knife butthe entire guard and a good portion of the handle as well.

Old California with repeating 9’s border. This sheath matches the Carolina Kid Gun Rig. It is shown with a set of matching buckle-over type spur straps.


Cecil’s Knife Sheath

Black with antique nickel Sunburst spots


Spotted Target & HamleyCchecker pattern


Chris’ Knife Sheath

British Tan with black background and black lace


Elko Rose

This large, wide-bladed knife allowed us the luxury of matching the tooling and buckstitch border on Chris’ Gun Rig. It is full double loop laced with black kangaroo.


Green River Dogbone Sheath

British Tan

One Loop Dogbone pouch. This sheath style features a prominant, somewhat bulbous skirt with an integral loop.

Snake T with Repeating 9's Border.

This is a period-correct sheath. It would have seen popularity throughout the West from the late 1870's on through to the early 20th century.

Frontier Scout Sheath

Aged mahogany with distressed & patinated brass spots

Frontier-Style Pouch

Frontier Spot Border

This is a period-correct sheath which would have been common on the frontier from the Mountain Man era on through to the Wild West shows.This one is lightly distressed to represent gentle wear and use. It is shown with a Green River knife.

Meanea Knife Sheath

Antique Brown


Meanea Bud floral carving with repeating 9’s border. This was built as a companion piece for the Meanea gun rig.


Michael’s Sheath


Old Timer

Copper Rose floral

This sheath has been full double loop laced with black kangaroo lace.



From left to right:

Plain Pouch

British Tan


Hair-on Pouch

Natural Hair-on Cowhide


Terry’s Knife Sheath


Old Timer. This is the standard configuration for this sheath. It is designed for large-bladed bowies or fighters. If the blade is heavy enough, no safety strap is needed.

Ocean Wave.

Pouch w/Safety Strap

Light Mahogany

Pouch with Safety Strap. Pouch style sheaths are generally not fitted with a safety strap. This knife had a very short blade and very little in the way of a guard. It would normally have been fit high up on the handle in a standard pouch style sheath except that the customer wanted the rather showy handle exposed. This made the addition of this unusually-configured safety strap necessary.

Backfire border



Mule Camp Sheath

Golden Oak with dark background

“Skirted” Pouch. The full pouch design of this sheath allows for maximum protection. A deep belt loop is formed by the cigar band-styled loop and skirt.

1890 California carving with Sunset border

Sterling silver concho with brass mule head.