Traditional Knife Sheaths

We have a long-standing history of making quality belt and boot sheaths in traditional styles. Whether you wish to coordinate a sheath with one of our gun rigs or with your existing gear, or whether you simply need a sheath for a knife which has none, send us the knife and we can get the job done. All our sheaths are built to exacting standards with security and safety to both knife and wearer in mind.

B'Ville Bandit's Sheath


Boot Knife

Monte and Beartooth Border

The clip on this boot sheath is formed from a spoon provided by the customer. We keep a modest supply of suitable handles on hand if you don't wish to provide one.

Frontier Scout Sheath

Dark Mahogany (distressed)

Frontier Pouch

Frontier Spot Pattern

This is a period-correct sheath which would have been common on the frontier from the Mountain Man era on through to the Wild West shows.This one is lightly distressed to represent gentle wear and use. It is shown with a Green River knife.

Green River Sheaths

From Left to Right: Golden, Havana, Light Mahogany, Golden

Green River Pouch

From Left to Right: Wine Goblet with Marquis Border, Hamley with Repeating 9's, Meanea Loop, Celtic twist with Repeating 9's:

This style sheath was quite common on the Frontier and beyond. The samples shown are but a few of the many possibilities.

Working Hand Dogbone Sheath

Light Mahogany

Dogbone Pouch

Working Hand Border

If the Mexican loop holster came about becasue of the necessity of creating a belt loop while circumventing the difficulty of a regular hardware supply, then it stands to reason that the dogbone style sheaths came about for a similar reason. By cutting a slot into a long piece of leather, the pouch can be threaded through on itself to form a clever belt loop. Simple and effective!

Idaho John Dagger Pouch Knife Sheath

Light Mahogany

Dagger Pouch

Idaho John Floral

This sheath is the match to our Idaho John Holster. It is a style made for knives with extremely short guards. The "swell" at the top of the sheath buries the guard for greater retention.

Borderstamped Bowie Sheath


Bowie with Safety Strap

Chill Wills & Beartooth Border

The knife in this sheath has a fairly short blade. The chances of loss are lessened by fitting a short safety strap over the guard. The button stud closure harkens back to a time well before snaps were available. It is a very reliable bit of hardware and is period correct for the early Frontier and beyond.

Mexican Loop Bowie Sheath

British Tan

Mexican L:oop Bowie Sheath

Running S Border

When the Mexican Loop holster came on the scene, it soon overwhelmed the old slim jim style. Call it a fad. It certainly caught on! Other items also fell in line. Sheath makers took it under their wing and created mating Mexican Loop knife sheaths for their gun rigs. This one was made for a very large Bowie. The concho in the cigar band loop is a Walking Liberty Dollar coin provided us by the customer. That gives you a good idea on the size of the sheath. It also means the knife is large enough and heavy enough to not require a safety strap for retention.


Cecil's Knife Sheath

Black with antique nickel Sunburst spots


Spotted Target Border & Hamley Geometric

This little knife had no guard to speak of. Burying it deep into a pouch style sheath allowed it to be carried safely and securely.


Visalia Sheath

Light Mahogany

Old Tymer Pouch

1920's Visalia Bud with Buckaroo Loop Border

There is just something we cannot shake ourselves of. We have a love for the old patterns. This one was adapted from a saddle we saw at an auction. The saddle was made by the venerable Visalia Stock Saddle Co. We adapted the floral and made this sheath for an old Marbles knife. It matches a Threepersons holster which you can find in our Single Action Slim Jim section.

Green River Dogbone Sheath

British Tan

Dogbone Pouch.

Snake T with Repeating 9's Border.

This is a period-correct sheath. It would have seen popularity throughout the West from the late 1870's on through to the early 20th century. It is essentially the same cut as the Working Hand version toward the top of the page. The exception is that we chose to pink the loop rather than to leave it smooth.

Meanea Knife Sheath

Antique Brown

Old Tymer Bowie

Meanea Bud Floral

This was built as a companion piece for the Meanea gun rig. It has the same pouchj style as our Bowie but has a different belt loop. This loop is not a tunnel style or an extension which is folded to the back to form a loop. It is a separate piece of leather which is stitched to the back of the pouch. We call it an Old Tymer. This allows for a lower ride as well as a bit of old-fashioned-looking style.


Hired Gun's Sheath

Golden Oak with brass spots

Old Tymer Bowie.

Double Repeating 9's Border

The knife tells you how the sheath should be built. This was a heavy and very sharply-pointed Bowie knife. The protective welt therefore surrounds the blade rather than only the cutting side. The knife was also a very heavy one which allowed us to omit a safety strap. This sheath was made with a separate "old Tymer" belt loop stitched to the back of the pouch.