How To Order

People often question us as to why we do not place prices on anything but the items in the "Available Now" portion of this website. The reason lies within the nature of custom work. Essentially, changing things from what is seen will alter the time we need to make that bit of work happen. Things which look seriously complicated can be sometimes complicated and sometimes not while simple looking things can be excrutiatingly time intensive. As a result, we choose to quote on request. This allows us to ballpark something for consideration (in situations where someone is beginning the pondering of a project) or to give exact quotes if the project is firmly in mind. That gives you the power to adjust for your personal tastes and your pocketbook. We deal with individuals not a "market" so tailoring things to your specifics is not an issue.

There is more to ordering a custom holster than simply pointing to a picture and telling us "Want that!" while giving us a make and model and barrel length. Our goal here is to not only allow you to satisfy your personal aesthetics but to give you a holster that you can confortably wear while pursuing the activity the holster is designed for, actually draw from it and be proud to hand down to someone you love at some later date. We offer the following list of things to think on before calling us. 

a)The most important thing to consider when choosing a holster is what activity you are going to pursue while wearing it. Holsters are purpose driven. Personal carry holsters are designed differently than field holsters for a reason. Please consider your activiy and then look at the pouch style you think will best suit that purpose. From this basic pouch concept, we will tweak the holster to suit your needs. Essentially, think of the tuning process as refining the lines at the throat and trigger guard area (higher over reciever or cylinder, cuts for rear sights or protection for same, enclosed, open or moderately open trigger area, etc). The toe is also considered at this point with options of open, toe plug or stitched-through toes offered on many models. Toe options are not only a style variation but have some practical applications. We would be happy to talk to you about why closed toes or open toes might or might not work for you.
b) Consider the rake and the ride of your holster. The rake is the amount of tilt that the gun will have on your belt. The standard rakes are straight up, FBI tilt (15 degree grips forward rake) and crossdraw (grips back and generally with the bottom of the grip flat and just above the belt top.) These are the traditional defaults but we understand that these do not always meet your needs. Please tell us if you need something greater or lessser than these standards. 
Ride is the height at which a firearm is carried on a belt. There are standards here dependent on the firearm and style of carry. Personal preference is very important here as is the basic need to be able to actually draw the firearm. Injury, arthritis and other conditions often mandate lower rides. Certain personal styles like things a bit higher. We have no problems building a holster to meet your needs. If you are uncertain about how all this works, please call and we will explain the process of finding your personal "sweet spot". 
c)Ponder the belt. Give us a width and thickness of an existing belt so we can tailor the loop to work with your belt. If no belt exists, we make them in every width to suit your purpose and tailor the holster to fit the belt exactly. The belts styles and how to measure for them are in our Belts pages.
d) Once you have pondered all those thngs, feel free to cruise the entire website for the tooling pattern that meets your fancy. We cannot list all the possible variations on every holster so look at the things that jump out at you and do not worry about what section they are in. We have many people who choose patterns for their semi-auto from the single or double action pages and vice versa. Our job is to adapt the pattern to the holster (and anything else) you are ordering. It's what we do! While picking a pattern, also look at color. Everything is available in the color you want. Also take the time to consider brass or nickle appointments. We offer many options in both with a smattering of stainless steel as well. We can also order sterling silver, sterling and gold or even solid gold buckles if you desire. These will be quoted on request due to their somewhat more expensive nature.
e) Ponder any accessory items you might want. We make all kinds of accessories and can match you up as your needs dictate. 
FINALLY: Give us all the things you have considered, any of the numbers those thoughts generated plus the critical ones of make, model and barrel length on your pet pistol or revolver. The guns we make things for are listed for each section so we will direct you to those sections for that information.

THE CUSTOM BELT: Belt info is in the Belt pages. 

CUSTOM ACCESSORIES: The basics apply here as for holsters. Pick an accessory that meets your needs or comes close. Tell us what needs tweaking, what it needs to fit, the belt it will be worn on and pattern, color, hardware, etc. 

CUSTOM ITEMS NOT ON THE WEBSITE: Just because we do not show it does not mean we do not make it. We still make cuffs and spur straps, guitar straps and photo albums and many, many other things. If you have a particular item in mind, please call us for a quote. 

THE ORDER -- How it all works: 

Once you have all the figuring, pondering and scheming done, give us a shout. (706-692-5536) Also give us a shout by phone or email (info in Contact Us section) if you are stuck on something or are unsure of any of your decisions. The main reason why we ask for a phone call to order is so that we can hear your voice. That is the only way we can pick up on hesitation or indecision and help you to get to the ideal holster, belt or accessory you want. It is also the way we choose to not deal with hackers and compromisers of credit card info. Our orders are paper records rather than computer.Your privacy and security is important to us. 

PAYMENT AND DELIVERY TIME: We would like to treat our customers as we like to be treated. We do not take deposits because we do not like working for money that we have not earned. We also like the idea of a customer being able to add, subtract or change an order without us having to run for a calculator or refund book. We also understand that bad things happen to good people and that you need a little leeway sometimes when personal things get tough. In return, we ask only patience on our delivery time. It is long at best and longer at worst. 6-8 months is not unusual with some deliveries stretching longer. If you are an" instant gratification isn't fast enough" sort of person, you may wish to take your chances with The "Available Now's". Our policy is firm. We take all the time a piece needs so that it leaves our bench with only the highest standards met. Our name and reputation go with each piece and if the worst thing someone can say about us is "They're slow", we'll take it as a compliment. We are slow. Methodical. Conscientious. Detail-oriented. We think those are actually better words than "slow".