Please note that we are no longer taking custom orders of any sort. Having said that, we are still doing work and these pieces will appear in the "Available Now" section of the website.

I am  working as much as my knees allow. As imagined, there are days when things happen and days when things don’t. Updates will be announced  as they come, below.

Updates and Important Notes

 October 2023
We have not updated this site in quite some time. Part of this was becasue we had little to update and part because we were agonizing over our website format, deciding which path should be taken with it. With the number of photos on the site, it was becoming a nightmare to manage and a tough decision was made to go with a much simpler format.This new format will allow faster updates. We regret doing away with the Photo Galleries of the old website.  Our sincerest apologies to those who will miss the photos. 

Past Work

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